The “Solid” heavy-duty manhole covers made by the company Richard Brink impress with their extreme resilience, reliable functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Maximum stability, minimum effort

New heavy-duty manhole covers from Richard Brink

With its “Solid” heavy-duty manhole covers, the company Richard Brink has curated an impressive combination of resilience, look and functionality. Thanks to the stone inlay, the products can be elegantly adapted to fit every setting and, unlike their…

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Custom-built ventilation

Special façade structures from the Stabile Air range keep moisture at bay

The Stabile Air façade channel is the solution when it comes to keeping the base of wooden and insulated façades well ventilated. The large openings along the wall side prevent the build-up of water and capillary damage – without compromising on…

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Located in the south-east of Bielefeld, SennestadtBad swimming baths is a popular destination for serious swimmers, clubs and school classes.

Efficient, resilient, custom-made

Swimming pool showers upgraded with dewatering solution from Richard Brink

Industrial and kitchen channels make up the largest product categories for indoor drainage manufactured by the company Richard Brink. The highly functional products are also the ideal solution for demanding settings such as public sanitary areas.…

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Bespoke greenery for a modern residential quarter

Made-to-measure raised beds from Richard Brink installed at Tarpenbeker Ufer

The best of both worlds – the new Tarpenbeker Ufer residential quarter in Hamburg’s Groß Borstel district is close to nature and yet centrally located. The complex is made up of a number of sites, all featuring contemporary rental and owner-occupied…

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At the Marktplatz square in Lüdinghausen, a flat water feature was installed which symbolically reflects the town’s history and its popular attractions.

Bubbling castle landscape

Drainage solutions from Richard Brink for a barrier-free water feature

With the aim of respecting the town’s history while also revamping the public space for its residents, a unique series of fountains has been installed in Lüdinghausen. The combination of partly engraved natural stone slabs, fountains and drainage…

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