For maximum showering comfort

When planning and implementing a modern bathroom design, whether in a new build or as part of a renovation project, aspects such as floor-level transitions, precise fit and the durability of the materials and products used are essential. Our products and solutions for shower areas tick all these boxes. On the one hand, we manufacture height-adjustable shower channels in line with customer specifications and with different upstands to fit every installation situation. The channels can be combined with our gratings and tile trays, lending themselves to individual design concepts. On the other hand, we offer a comprehensive integrated system with our Atrium shower tray, which enables the installation of a barrier-free shower unit comprising a welded stainless steel base, seal and gradient wedge. Bring your desire for a contemporary, high-quality and comfortable shower area to life with our products.

Elix shower channel
– height-adjustable, flexible, precisely-fitting

  • Manufactured in standard and custom dimensions and to fit the preferred tile grid
  • Aligned with the ground and height-adjustable thanks to articulated feet
  • Different connection types available: floor connection, wall connection either along the channel’s length or at either end, corner wall connection or niche wall connection
  • Wide range of suitable gratings


Shortenable Seca shower channel
– channel profile with stainless-steel drain body  

  • Stainless-steel drain body for central or wall-side connection 
  • Comes with factory-fitted sealing collar 
  • Articulated feet enable quick height adjustment 
  • Shortenable and attachable shower channels in two thicknesses 
  • Attachment in channel profile can be removed for cleaning 


Centralis point drainage unit
– single-piece stainless-steel drain body with tiled tray 

  • Single-piece stainless-steel solution plus siphon 
  • Supplied with factory-fitted sealing collar 
  • Articulated feet enable quick height adjustment 
  • Minimalistic look with tiling right up to the tiled tray 
  • Tiled tray can be easily removed for cleaning 
  • Variants for different tile heights 


Shower-channel wedge profiles
– gradient compensation with optional glass groove  

  • Versatile variants for floor-level shower areas 
  • Stainless-steel wedge profiles for gradient compensation 
  • Sloping edge and perforated supporting bases for tiling 
  • Variants with integrated glass groove available for thicknesses up to 12mm 
  • Profile sets for anchoring glass panels in the wall and floor area 
  • Matching end profiles for a uniform, all-round stainless-steel look 


Atrium shower tray
– the watertight integrated system

  • Combines stainless steel tray, seal and gradient wedge in one system
  • Absolutely watertight second drainage level thanks to welded stainless steel base
  • Minimum installation effort thanks to prefabricated connection elements