Commercial kitchens

Safety and efficiency in the food-service industry

When it comes to planning commercial kitchens, importance is generally placed on aspects such as finding the right kitchen appliances or specific product and food hygiene factors. However, it is also important to note that significant volumes of fresh and waste water accrue in the food-service industry, which have to be systematically separated and directed away. Failure to guarantee this puts not only operational safety at risk, but also the prescribed hygiene standards. If, from the very beginning, you factor a highly efficient dewatering system into your planning which is attuned to the various food industry processes, you are simultaneously ensuring safety at the workplace, basic hygiene and the economic use of water. 
We offer high-quality, resilient and functional products and solutions that can be coordinated for every intended use. Discover our range of products, comprising industrial and kitchen channels, floor drains, and various adaptations of the same, for well-coordinated dewatering in your commercial kitchen.

Collecta industrial, shower and kitchen channel
– dewatering in XXL

  • Highly efficient indoor dewatering in XXL
  • Height-adjustable thanks to stilt supports
  • Also available as a V4A version on request
  • Integrated floor drains with odour trap and screen
  • Additional corner designs and T-pieces available
  • Four different types of grating depending on the intended use
  • For load classes K 3, L 15 and M 125


Collectus high-performance floor drains
– compact yet powerful

  • Highly efficient point drainage
  • Leak-tight welded gully body
  • Includes bevelled seal flange and welded nozzle in DN 100 narrowed to DN 70, DN 100 and DN 200
  • Nozzles either vertical (DN 100, DN 200) or horizontal (DN 100)