Heavy-duty systems

Heavy machinery is our easiest undertaking

Industrial premises and workshops, areas used as access ramps, garage entrances or marketplaces, and any other spaces exposed to vehicle movement all require dewatering systems that can withstand the pressure of heavy loads on site. Vertical and horizontal forces, for example lateral shear forces caused by vehicles driving away or braking, can pose a particular challenge to the materials used. We counter this by offering a host of products and solutions that we have developed especially for heavy-duty use and that meet the requirements of load classes up to E 600. Our portfolio includes channels with an increased material thickness and features high-performance plastics, resilient slotted and double-slit channels, point drainage units, manhole covers and special models made from concrete or polymer concrete. Our product range is rounded off by gratings made from stainless steel, hot-dip galvanised steel or cast iron, all of which are designed to fit our channels.

Trust in more than 45 years of experience

Made-to-measure production from Germany

Solid manhole cover
– for car or truck loads

  • manhole covers for car or truck loads that can be paved over
  • surfacing can be inserted immediately
  • highly stable thanks to reinforcement elements
  • can be installed over existing gully covers
  • easy inspection


Stabile Magna heavy-duty channel
– for drainage or dewatering

  • special structure for heavy-duty use
  • ideal for surface drainage and use on glued or welded drainage levels
  • individually produced to custom measurements
  • compatible corners, end pieces and connectors available
  • large selection of suitable heavy-duty gratings


Ferro Magna heavy-duty dewatering channel
– with robust combination of materials

  • robust construction: combination of hot-dip galvanised steel and/or stainless steel alongside high-performance plastic
  • lower weight despite high load class (can be installed by one person)
  • offsets static and dynamic loads
  • ideal for areas exposed to traffic
  • easy handling thanks to integrated connectors
  • individual custom measurements possible on request


Lamina Magna slotted channel for heavy-duty drainage
– subtle resilience

  • reinforced channel body including slotted attachment 
  • subtle yet highly resilient dewatering for heavy-duty use
  • coordinated flush and inspection boxes available
  • individual slot widths, drain bodies, end pieces and connectors produced on request


Gemini Magna double-slit channel
– understated look for heavy-duty use

  • double-slit channel with stone inlay
  • combines the benefits of a box channel with those of a slotted channel
  • revisable channel body thanks to removable stone inlay
  • solid construction for use in areas exposed to vehicle traffic


Fortis concrete channel
– the alternative solution for heavy-duty use

  • dewatering channel for linear drainage under heavy-duty conditions
  • choice of steel, stainless steel or cast iron frame
  • watertight, high-strength and chemically resistant material
  • highly leak-tight surface structure
  • relatively low weight
  • tongue and groove system with integrated rubber seal
  • compatible heavy-duty mesh and longitudinal bar gratings; matching cast gratings available for cast frames


Poly-Fortis polymer concrete channel
– with a steel, stainless steel or cast iron frame

  • ideal for linear drainage under heavy-duty conditions
  • high-quality resin admixture in the material
  • lower weight than standard channels
  • excellent resilience to a variety of chemicals
  • cassette-shaped moulded sections to anchor into concrete foundation
  • polymer drainage units, channel sections with attached nozzle and end pieces available
  • large selection of compatible heavy-duty gratings
  • Prisma or Zippa cast gratings for use with cast frame


Fortis concrete channel with slotted channel attachment
– for car and truck loads

  • the slotted channel attachment is a perfect fit to top the heavy-duty dewatering channel made from concrete
  • subtle dewatering solution for heavy-duty use
  • either for car or truck loads


Poly-Fortis polymer concrete channel with slotted channel attachment
– for car and truck loads 

  • corresponding slotted channel attachment for heavy-duty use
  • available for car or truck loads


Mono-Fortis polymer concrete channel
– monolith meets polymer

  • seamless polymer model for heavy-duty use
  • monolithic structure combines channel body and grating in one
  • low weight compared with similarly sturdy materials
  • tongue and groove system at the channel joints with integrated rubber seal
  • compatible flush boxes and drainage units available in polymer concrete


Fortis point drainage unit – made from concrete

  • targeted point drainage for heavy-duty use
  • watertight, high-strength and chemically resistant material
  • with stainless steel dirt traps as standard for cleaning and maintenance
  • corresponding gully gratings available


Parco parking deck channel
– high-quality evaporation channel

  • specially designed for use on parking decks, in parking blocks, underground garages or pedestrian subways
  • reliable collection of precipitation and water brought in from outside
  • height-adjustable base feet
  • can also be used as a dewatering channel thanks to additional nozzle


Cargo supply channel – for the distribution of lines and cables

  • reliable distribution of power, IT and water lines
  • with integrated expansion joint
  • designed to withstand a wheel load of up to 10 tons
  • can be raised or lowered using adjustable feet


RigoMax gravel-filled drain trench – XXL infiltration channel

  • ideal high-performance dewatering for sealed surfaces
  • rapid, temporary storage and gradual drainage of rainwater
  • two integrated filter inserts for coarse gravel as well as water-bound substances
  • additional stability through integrated connection braces and anchor tabs to be set in concrete
  • individual heights and lengths possible on request


FerroMax water collection channel – immediate storage in XXL 

  • holding capacity to temporarily store significant volumes of water
  • controlled release into the sewer system via drain nozzles
  • base feet facilitate assembly and serve as concrete anchors to secure in place
  • connection brace between the frames
  • custom widths and heights manufactured on request


Double-chambered fountain channels
One system, two circuits

  • Tailor-made heavy-duty channels for your fountain project 
  • Discreet and high-performance slotted channels 
  • Two separate chambers 
  • For separation of the fountain flow and drain precipitation