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Raised beds

From private gardens to contemporary green offices, right over to sustainable urban design and public space planning: raised beds are an excellent choice for all kinds of landscaping projects. We offer custom-made, modular products in stainless steel, aluminium and COR-TEN steel that impress with their look and functionality while ensuring long-lasting greenery.



Plant boxes

Plant boxes of all shapes and sizes are a popular option for terraces and balconies, as well as building entrances. Our range of plant boxes covers everything from simple, compact models through to modular constructions with an array of added extras. What’s more, the boxes can be conveniently designed using our online configurator.


Vertical planting

Vertical green spaces can be brought to life in all kinds of dimensions. Extensive façade planting is not only undoubtedly stunning, it also comes with a whole host of functional advantages such as providing shade and insulation, and adding a protective layer to the façade. Beyond this, living walls are a great way of introducing green spaces to even the smallest of areas, both indoors and out. Our vertical planting systems have all your needs covered – whether for individual planting systems or for living walls covering entire building complexes.


Green roofs

Not only are they beautiful, they are also great for the environment: green roofs are real all-rounders for modern, sustainable building projects. Extensive planting protects against all weathers, from heat to frost, while also helping store rainwater and creating green spaces where concrete, stone and tar would otherwise dominate. We offer extensive integrated systems for all flat roof surfaces.


Benches and seating

Our green planting systems invite you to relax in private and public spaces alike. We produce elegant seating made from high-quality timber by integrating substructures into bespoke raised beds, or by arranging plant boxes in a way that offers wind protection and creates private, green seating areas.


Edging solutions and borders

Reliably sculpting green spaces: our substrate rails, edging solutions and gravel stops add structure and separate bed and lawn areas as well as granulates and fills from each other while also preventing them from slipping or washing away during periods of rainfall. Our range of products includes fixed, flexible and height-adjustable models that meet every requirement.


More products

Here you will find further products for special requirements and areas of application.