Dirt traps and door mats

No entry for dirt and moisture

They are quite literally well-trodden: boot scrapers and entrance mats make sure that building interiors remain as dry and clean as possible. Our product range comprises robust boot scrapers including dirt traps and latching systems as well as mats with rubber and brush inserts or a plastic rug, which can similarly be combined with dirt catch basins. Depending on the area of application, you can choose from a variety of models that, when used together, effectively reduce the amount of dirt and moisture that is otherwise brought indoors.

Trust in more than 45 years of experience

Made-to-measure production from Germany

Boot scrapers
– for a clean entrance area

  • individual solutions for every entrance area
  • available with dirt tray including latching system


Entrance mats
– prevent dirt and moisture from getting indoors

  • with rubber and brush inserts or a plastic rug
  • can be used with our dirt trays