Roof- and wall systems

Everything from a single source - from the wall connection to the chimney cover

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Solar solutions

We offer the perfect basis for your photovoltaic system – including in combination with green roofs. Our Miralux solution enables the non-penetrative installation of solar substructures that save space during storage and save time during assembly. We provide photovoltaic substructures for east-west and also south-facing panels as well as appropriate ballast options, individually calculated ballasting plans, mounting systems and flexible fixing elements for all commercially available panels.



Green roofs

Not only are they beautiful, they are also great for the environment: green roofs are real all-rounders for modern, sustainable building projects. Extensive planting protects against all weathers, from heat to frost, while also helping store rainwater and creating green spaces where concrete, stone and tar would otherwise dominate. Give even urban spaces a splash of green – with our extensive integrated system that satisfies even the most diverse requirements.




We ensure quality from top to bottom – with our premium products and solutions for your chimney. Not only do they put the final touches to the all-round aesthetic of a building, they also score points when it comes to installation and functionality. Discover our wide range of products – from chimney caps to shuttering frames and cladding, right over to weather vanes.


Parapet and edge trims

Whether for a roof surface, roof terrace or garage roof – our custom-made edge profile systems perfectly round off every project. Besides forming a protective connection between the roof and wall, our wall copings can be used to blend into your building’s design concept or create clever contrasts. Discover our products and solutions for edge trims and put together your individual solution online with ease. 



Flat roofs

Our product line includes various models that can be used on flat roofs. Whether dewatering solutions for channelling away accumulating rainfall from drainage channels, roof outlets, integrated systems for extensive roof planting, solar substructures for photovoltaic panels, or parapet coverings manufactured in line with your project specifications – we have the right solutions to meet your flat roof requirements.



Wall connections

Raise the profile of your walls and sealing layers with our wall connection profiles in either standard or custom dimensions. The profiles create a reliable border at the transition from floor to wall, protect the rising waterproof sheeting and can be worked into every design concept thanks to their powder-coated finish.



Balcony and terrace drainage

The often exposed position of balconies and terraces makes reliable dewatering essential. Without a targeted way of redirecting accumulating rainwater, such regular exposure to precipitation puts a building’s structural fabric at risk of damage. Our channels take care of the functional dewatering of terrace areas as well as balustrades, window façades and building façades.