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Balcony and terrace drainage

The often exposed position of balconies and terraces makes reliable dewatering essential. Without a targeted way of redirecting accumulating rainwater, such regular exposure to precipitation puts a building’s structural fabric at risk of damage. Our channels take care of the functional dewatering of terrace areas as well as balustrades, window façades and building façades.



Area drainage

It is difficult or even downright impossible for rainwater to seep into or be channelled away from largely sealed surfaces without the help of targeted solutions. Periods of heavy rain in particular can otherwise lead to moisture or flood damage. Our drainage and dewatering systems ensure efficient rainwater management and keep all surfaces dry.



Façade drainage

Precipitation accumulates not only on rooftops and in sealed open spaces; large volumes of rainwater also tend to pool at the transition from ground to building. Measures therefore have to be put in place that protect the building envelope from standing water and water pressure. Our façade drainage channels, including specially developed solutions for insulated and wooden façades, are guaranteed to keep the base of the building dry while ensuring continued accessibility.



Green roof drainage

Although extensive roof planting and the related components are able to store a certain amount of rainwater temporarily, additional dewatering systems should still be introduced that work for the project at hand. Our range of products includes appropriate solutions from gravel stop and substrate rails, which help prevent pooling, over to drainage gullies for gravel fills.



Slotted channel systems

Discreet yet highly effective – these are just two of the many distinguishing features that describe our slotted channels. Our range of products covers a variety of models for every requirement and takes both visual and functional aspects into consideration. Customers can choose from high-quality dewatering and drainage channels, double-slit channels that can be filled with stone inlays, and versions for heavy-duty uses that meet the requirements of load class D 400.



Fountain channels

Creativity has no bounds when it comes to designing water features, fountains or similar systems. In order to maintain water circulation and to ensure any excess water is collected and diverted away, these systems require corresponding dewatering channels and gratings. We have the right solution for every requirement. What’s more, as we are able to tailor our products to your requirements, we can also guarantee a precise fit for even the most detailed of installations.



Pool channels

Every pool complex, whether a small pool in a private garden or a large sports pool, deserves a dewatering solution tailored to its specific needs. Our range of products comprises a number of functional solutions that fit this purpose – from subtle and efficient channels made from V4A and V2A stainless steel to swimming bath gratings made from plastic.



Car park/evaporation channels

Whether for parking decks, underground carparks or footbridges – our car park channels, which are designed with corresponding heavy-duty load classes in mind, ensure building structures are not negatively affected by the moisture that finds its way in. You can choose whether to use the models as evaporation or dewatering channels.



Dirt traps and door mats

Make sure only clean and dry feet make their way through the door with our range of precisely-fitting products for every entrance area – from boot scrapers with dirt traps through to entrance mats with a choice of inserts. 



Heavy-duty systems

Looking to scale things up? Our range of products also caters to special requirements and loads – with dewatering solutions for heavy-duty use up to load class E 600. Our heavy-duty systems have no trouble withstanding the long-term impact of everything from forklift trucks operating across business premises to highly frequented public transportation areas.