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Public baths

Top performance for demanding indoor dewatering

Industrial and kitchen channels are some of the largest products we offer for indoor dewatering. Thanks to their dimensions and high-quality manufacture, they can also be put to good use in demanding settings outside of industrial areas or commercial kitchens, i.e. in the sanitary areas of public facilities such as indoor or outdoor pools. Dewatering systems channel water more or less without interruption, especially in communal showers, and have to be able to handle this constant use. Our industrial and kitchen channels are designed to fully meet these demands. Discover our range of products – from our standard channel to highly efficient indoor slotted channels right over to custom-made versions, and from mesh and longitudinal bar gratings through to swimming bath gratings made from plastic.

Collecta industrial, shower and kitchen channel
– dewatering in XXL

  • Highly efficient indoor dewatering in XXL
  • Height-adjustable thanks to stilt supports
  • Also available as a V4A version on request
  • Integrated floor drains with odour trap and screen
  • Additional corner designs and T-pieces available
  • Four different types of grating depending on the intended use
  • For load classes K 3, L 15 and M 125


Lamina Indoor slotted channel
– subtle indoor dewatering

  • Available as a slotted channel, slotted channel end piece or floor drain
  • Subtle yet effective indoor drainage
  • Height-adjustable thanks to stilt supports
  • Produced according to standard or custom dimensions
  • Available with and without floor flange

Collectus high-performance floor drains
– compact yet powerful

  • Highly efficient point drainage
  • Leak-tight welded gully body
  • Includes bevelled seal flange and welded nozzle in DN 100 narrowed to DN 70, DN 100 and DN 200
  • Nozzles either vertical (DN 100, DN 200) or horizontal (DN 100)


Swimming bath gratings
– non-slip quality made from PVC

  • made from robust PVC
  • R11 anti-slip rating
  • can be combined with our Collecta channels in two different inlet widths
  • available in black, grey (similar to RAL 7001 silver grey) or white (similar to RAL 9010 pure white)