Richard Brink presented its extensive product range across its 100 square metre booth area.

Customised online service

DACH+HOLZ 2020 gives a foretaste of new products and services from Richard Brink

At the DACH+HOLZ International 2020 trade fair, the booth run by Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG featured future online offers from the metal products manufacturer in addition to showcasing the tried-and-tested products in its range. The new services…

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The new Eva vertical gardens from Richard Brink create completely new green spaces both indoors and outdoors, and thanks to their vertical design, they do this even where there would otherwise not be enough space for greenery.

For more green space

The new Eva vertical garden from Richard Brink

Now you can create completely new green spaces where there would otherwise be no option to plant anything, thanks to the Eva vertical garden from Richard Brink. Whether outdoors in gardens, inner courtyards and public squares or indoors in foyers and…

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At the Marktplatz square in Lüdinghausen, a flat water feature was installed which symbolically reflects the town’s history and its popular attractions.

Bubbling castle landscape

Drainage solutions from Richard Brink for a barrier-free water feature

With the aim of respecting the town’s history while also revamping the public space for its residents, a unique series of fountains has been installed in Lüdinghausen. The combination of partly engraved natural stone slabs, fountains and drainage…

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The tapered monolith shoots up into the sky out of the otherwise historical heart of the city.

Rethinking public spaces

Drainage solutions from Richard Brink for the Forum Groningen

The striking structure of the Forum Groningen shoots up into the sky out of the otherwise historical heart of the Dutch provincial capital of Groningen. The unique architecture of the building boasts unconventional approaches both inside and out, and…

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A powerful, durable indoor drainage solution was needed. The Lamina Indoor slotted channel and floor drains fully met all customer requirements.

Top performance with a sleek aesthetic

Tailor-made drainage solutions for shower areas from Richard Brink

TowerPower, a gym in the Siegburg TurmCenter, plays host to top fitness performance on a daily basis. No less high-performing are the drainage channels and floor drains from Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG, which were installed during extensive…

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