Green-roof mounting system for Miralux Flex

Simple combination of green roof and photovoltaics

  • Mounting systems for east-west-facing Miralux Flex
  • Easy to retrofit solar modules on to green roofs
  • Combines roof planting with photovoltaics – even for newbuilds
  • Additional side plates for maximum stability
  • Matching screwable ballast blocks

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Have you ever wondered how to combine the benefits of a green roof with those of a photovoltaic system? Clients often face the problem that such a combination is not possible with conventional solutions on the market. This is the inspiration behind our additional mounting system for the Miralux Flex solar substructure.

The combination of green roof and photovoltaics offers you significant advantages: while roof planting improves a building’s ecological balance, promotes biodiversity, acts as natural sound insulation and supports rainwater retention, it also has a positive effect on the performance of your solar modules by cooling the roof surface – and consequently also the panels. 

Our additional mounting system gives you the option of combining the potential of both worlds on one roof surface. It enables not only a new planting of extensive green roofs in combination with photovoltaic substructures, but also a retrospective integration of solar energy systems into existing extensive green roofs. The fixed height of 60cm leaves plenty of room between the sedum and the modules to guarantee healthy growth of the greenery. At the same time, elevating the system in this way makes it easier to manage and maintain. When it comes to ballast, we offer two different ballast blocks made from polymer concrete (16kg and 34kg). Of these, the lighter version with a flat base panel enables optimum integration into green roof surfaces.
With our mounting system you no longer have to choose between a green roof or photovoltaic system, which means a significantly reduction in your ecological footprint.


Green-roof mounting system for east-west-facing Miralux Flex


Höhe: Material: Materialstärke:
60 cm

feuerverzinkter Stahl mit Magnelis®-Beschichtung

2 mm

zusätzliche Seitenbleche für maximale Stabilität

Verschraubung von Ballastierungssteinen unterhalb der Aufständerung





Our green roof mounting system is suitable both for buildings with existing green roofs and for newbuilds. It enables solar modules combined with our Miralux Flex solar substructures to be integrated easily to existing or planned green roofs.

At present we only offer our green roof mounting system for the east-west-facing version of our Miralux Flex solar substructures.

The height of the green roof mounting system is fixed at 60cm and cannot be adapted further. Added to this are the ballast blocks beneath that are screwed to the mounting system.

Optimum use of the roof surface is achieved through the combination of photovoltaics and roof greenery. The solar substructure is directly integrated into the roof greenery, minimising the space required.

The structure is firmly screwed to ballast blocks beneath the green roof mounting system. Side plates fitted at the start and end points as well as at specific intervals within a module row guarantee additional stability. 

The green roof mounting system is easy to install in just a few steps. Existing extensive roof greenery merely needs to be opened and removed in the area of the ballast blocks that are then placed on the roof surface. The mounting system is screwed directly to the ballast and the east-west-facing solar substructure is fitted to the upper part.

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