Façade drainage

Protection for the transition between the building envelope and the floor

It’s no secret that precipitation gathers in large volumes, especially on exposed surfaces such as roofs. Hence the need for appropriate measures to ensure efficient drainage. Attention should, however, also be given to the fact that significant volumes of rainwater fall either directly onto or right next to building façades. This makes the installation of drainage and dewatering solutions imperative at all building levels, from rooftops to balconies and projections, right over to façades. The threat of standing and pooling water and the water pressure that comes with this is especially felt in the transitional area between the ground and the outer façade. This exposes the structural fabric itself to potential moisture damage, while also opening up the risk of precipitation seeping through building entrances, which are becoming increasingly barrier-free, as well as other openings around the building envelope.

Rest assured, you are always in safe hands with our façade dewatering solutions. We offer a range of channels and gratings for every installation location and are also happy to manufacture them in line with individual specifications. Our products not only ensure the reliable collection and diversion of rainwater, they also guarantee permanent ventilation, keeping building bases dry. Our breathable Stabile Air façade channel makes this possible – a product developed especially for insulated and wooden façades that can also be furnished with a projecting element to fit any reveal dimensions. We have provided an overview of this and other façade drainage channels in this section.

Trust in more than 45 years of experience

Made-to-measure production from Germany

Stabile Air façade channel
– for a rear-ventilated base area

  • specially developed for EWIS and wood façades
  • reliable aeration and ventilation of base areas thanks to rows of holes
  • effectively prevents formation of capillary forces
  • can be used as a drainage channel for infiltration or as a dewatering channel connected to the sewer system
  • plug-in system for simple connection and extension
  • individual measurements and custom design solutions can be realised quickly


Bangkirai channel
– shallow drainage channel for wooden terraces

  • specially developed to meet the requirements of balcony and terrace drainage
  • low installation height to fit conventional terrace flooring
  • continuous rows of holes along the base to secure to the substructure
  • extensive range of gratings to cover the channel
  • custom dimensions possible on request


Hydra drainage channel
– for stepless drainage

  • height can be smoothly adjusted at the sides
  • length can be infinitely extended without connectors thanks to modular construction
  • grating supports face outwards to create distance between the wall connection and the channel body
  • can be supplied in custom widths and heights


Drain mat adapter – reliable channel attachment  

  • Fits our Hydra drainage channel 
  • Attaching element between channel and mat 
  • Prevents slipping and the ingress of gravel, dirt etc. 
  • Simple, precise screw connection 
  • Includes the same drainage holes as the channel 


Hydra Express drainage channel
– lightning-fast adjustment for every installation

  • height can be smoothly adjusted from above
  • channel can be quickly and conveniently adapted to the installation location
  • extendible with the aid of U-connectors
  • customer-specific measurements can be realised at any time


Hydra drainage gully
– the solution for gravel fills

  • height-adjustable drainage gully
  • can be raised in combination with a base unit 
  • reliable point drainage for slab flooring loosely laid in gravel fills or chippings
  • fits well with the Subterra branch channel system or drain mats
  • custom inlet widths and installation heights possible


"Stabile" with grating supports facing outwards
– for drainage or dewatering

  • used as a drainage or dewatering channel
  • ideal for use on terraces and balconies or as a façade channel
  • grating supports turned outwards create an open space for the concave profile of the wall connection
  • individual inlet widths and installation heights possible on request
  • large selection of compatible gratings

"Cubo" with inlying grating support
– for drainage or dewatering

  • used as a drainage or dewatering channel
  • grating supports face inwards
  • open space below the grating support facilitates intake of increased volumes of rainfall
  • extensive range of gratings to cover the channel
  • custom dimensions possible on request
  • linear design ensures the channel sits flush to the paved material 


"Fultura" drainage channel
– with height-adjustable stilt supports

  • ideal for elevated floors
  • height-adjustable thanks to stilt supports with articulated feet
  • individual custom measurements possible on request
  • broad range of suitable gratings


Reveal drainage – flexible, accessible pipe connection  

  • Suitable wherever a channel in the reveal area cannot be connected via a vertical pipe connection 
  • Bridges the offset to the outer wall 
  • Guarantees an accessible pipe connection for inspection purposes 
  • Shape designed to bridge the base panel or insulation 


– our entire range

  • perfect for our drainage and dewatering channels
  • from mesh gratings to perforated and longitudinal bar gratings right over to double-slit gratings and designer solutions
  • produced to individual measurements on request


Gemini double-slit grating
– distinguished design

  • double-slit grating that fits our drainage and dewatering channels
  • combines the benefits of a box channel with those of a slotted channel
  • polished stainless steel surface or stone inlay optional
  • honoured with the reddot award (best of the best)


Gully gratings
– our entire range

  • broad portfolio with a range of models
  • from mesh gratings to designer solutions
  • precise manufacture for every gully


Drain mats
– for fixed and loose-laying installation 

  • high dewatering capacity for the quick transport of precipitation
  • efficiently prevents pooling
  • with glass fibre mesh: for the fixed installation of ceramic tiles over single grain mortar
  • with special fleece: for loose-laying flooring on unbound, washed gravel or chip layers


Hydra inspection channel
– maintenance and cleaning in next to no time

  • quick and convenient upkeep of dewatering systems
  • slab flooring is easy to insert and remove for maintenance and cleaning
  • can be combined with our Hydra, Hydra Express, Stabile or Cubo models
  • three height adjustment ranges
  • individual custom measurements can be easily realised


Dimpled sheet cover track – tool-free installation, clean look   

  • To fit dimpled sheets along the façade 
  • Perforations ensure that precipitation is directed towards the dimpled sheet 
  • Clamped to the façade with paving: no screwing required 
  • Clean, straight exposed metal edge 
  • Protects dimpled sheet from UV radiation