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“Gemini” double slit grating

Discreet, effective, awarded

  • double-slit grating that fits our drainage and dewatering channels
  • combines the benefits of a box channel with those of a slotted channel
  • polished stainless steel surface or stone inlay optional
  • honoured with the reddot award (best of the best)

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The Red Dot judges, all renowned experts, awarded the “Gemini” double-slit gratings with the Red Dot Design Award 2015 for ‘highest quality and ground-breaking design’. The gratings are suitable for combined use with dewatering channels in front of façades and on terraces or balconies. They fit elegantly and also discreetly into the surrounding panel material. Aesthetic integration in the floor or ground is made possible by casings with can be overlaid with panels. We manufacture these casings as appropriate for any flooring material, so that the visible part of the dewatering system is reduced to a minimum. Only the two slits, with their shiny stainless steel edges, provide a contrast to the flooring.

The “Gemini” is available with inlet widths of 100, 140, 160, 200 and 250 millimetres. The panel thickness of the flooring should be 20 or 30 millimetres in order to accommodate the standard measurements. We also make the gratings in custom measurements and for other panel thicknesses to suit individual customer requests. As the slotted channel gratings can be completely removed, it is quick and easy to clean the entire dewatering system. They therefore combine low-maintenance design with the excellent aesthetics of double-slit channels.


Double-slit grating 
ground / with stone bowl

Inlet widths: Lengths: Heights:
100 mm (for stone width 71 mm)
140 mm (for stone width 111 mm)
160 mm (for stone width 131 mm)
200 mm (for stone width 171 mm)
250 mm (for stone width 221 mm)*
1.000 mm
Up to 1.500 mm one-piece possible
20 mm
33 mm from bearing surface for stone height 20 mm*
43 mm from bearing surface for stone height 30 mm*
Material Info  
Stainless steel (V2A)
Hot-dip galvanised steel (longitudinal bar (20x3 mm))

Corners possible
Individual division possible
Cutting service
Individual inlet width possible

*applies to double slotted gratings with stone inlay



„Gemini“ in action

Inviting and functional

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