Die Stabile Air Fassadenrinne sorgt für eine belüftete Holzfassade mit einer passenden Maschenroste

Trust in more than 45 years of experience

Made-to-measure production from Germany

Stabile Air façade channel

For a rear-ventilated base area

  • specially developed for EWIS and wood façades
  • reliable aeration and ventilation of base areas thanks to rows of holes
  • effectively prevents formation of capillary forces
  • can be used as a drainage channel for infiltration or as a dewatering channel connected to the sewer system
  • plug-in system for simple connection and extension
  • individual measurements and custom design solutions can be realised quickly

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When it comes to barrier-free construction in particular, it is especially important that wood and insulated façades are protected from moisture as the base areas of a building tend to sit below ground level. Our Stabile Air drainage channel is an excellent choice here: it decouples the base area from the surrounding ground, expertly leads inflowing precipitation away and ensures continuous aeration of the lower section of the façade thanks to its large ventilation openings. What’s more, assembly of the Stabile Air is much quicker than its conventional counterparts that use angular blocks and gravel fills.

With the Stabile Air, we offer a tailor-made solution specifically for façade drainage. We can manufacture the channel in heights and widths beyond our standard range, in line with customer requirements – for façade base dewatering that satisfies all the relevant standards. With the help of our Stabile Air with its special design featuring projecting elements, we also offer a product that precisely fits the respective reveal dimensions. Together with our cover gratings, available in over 20 designs, we provide perfection down to the last detail which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

So how does the Stabile Air protect your façades? The gap between the base of the building and the rear channel wall prevents moisture from rising due to capillary forces. In addition, the large openings ensure continuous ventilation and keep the base dry. Precipitation and any water running off the façade and the adjacent surfaces is collected in the channel. The accumulating water drains away into the surrounding layers of soil through the elongated holes along the channel’s side. Alternatively, it can additionally be directed away via a drain nozzle.  


Stabile Air

Inlet widths: Lengths: Heights:
100 mm
140 mm
250 mm
300 mm
1.000 mm
bis 3.000 mm einteilig möglich
170 mm
300 mm
Material Info Zubehör
Stainless steel (V2A) 1.5 mm Corners possible
Individual partitioning possible
Individual inlet widths and installation heights possible
End pieces
Outside and inside corners
Grate lock

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Our „Stabile Air“ in action

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