Drain mat adapter

The perfect addition to the Hydra drainage mat

  • Fits our Hydra drainage channel 
  • Attaching element between channel and mat 
  • Prevents slipping and the ingress of gravel, dirt etc. 
  • Simple, precise screw connection 
  • Includes the same drainage holes as the channel 
  • Funnel solution: guides water precisely towards the drain mat 
  • Suitable for drain mats from 8mm to 16mm 

Our drain mat adapter is the perfect addition to our Hydra drainage channel and attaches drain mats directly to the channel body. The adapter is screwed to the outside of the channel, enabling attachment along the long side. Drain mats of thicknesses from 8mm to 16mm are then simply inserted into the adapter and fixed seamlessly to the channel via a small barb. This then enables the mat to be laid more easily, quickly and precisely as it is held in place by the adapter. The accessory not only prevents the mat from slipping, but also the ingress of gravel, dirt and the like, guaranteeing optimum drainage. This is also assisted by the adapter’s funnel shape, which precisely guides any precipitation to the holes that line up with the Hydra. 


Drain mat adapter

Material: Fits drain mats measuring:  
hot-dip galvanised steel
stainless steel 
8 mm bis 16 mm