In Pforzheim a revamp of the pedestrian zone in Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Strasse produced a spacious, modern and inviting area for shopping and recreation.

Dry feet throughout the city centre

Richard Brink products provide drainage for a timelessly modern pedestrian zone

The city of Pforzheim wanted to revamp Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Strasse, transforming it into a modern, spacious and inviting pedestrian zone. To that end, an area measuring around 200 m in length was paved with high-quality concrete tiling, and recreation and traffic areas were redesigned. Fortis concrete channels with heavy-duty slotted attachments from Richard Brink are used here to implement discreet drainage lines throughout the entire zone.

The pedestrian zone between Marktplatz and Leopoldstrasse in Pforzheim has animated the city centre for over 30 years. City officials decided to undertake extensive measures to revamp the urban area in order to bring it back up to a modern standard that would meet modern requirements.

Versatile use

Landscape architects Prof. Schmidt – Treiber – Partner based in Leonberg coordinated the project in the work phases from the preliminary design to the award of the contract. Weber-Ingenieure GmbH from Pforzheim was also involved in supervising the project. The pedestrian zone, which features a row of trees, was given a relaxing 9 m wide recreation area, which was furnished with striking public seating somewhat organically arranged, consisting of concrete substructures and broad wooden benches. A spacious 8 m wide traffic route for pedestrians and cyclists was also included in the design. The entire zone comprises about 5,400 m². Of this, around 3,000 m² were covered with concrete blocks, 1,750 m² with large concrete slabs and 500 m² with concrete paving. The new tiling picks up the colour scheme of the existing pavement at Marktplatz – rosé, ochre and sand shades – and continues it throughout the pedestrian zone. Simple light columns positioned at the axis of each lime tree along the zone add to the rhythm of the greenery. And the LED lights, which illuminate the trees from below, lend the recreation area a modern ambiance in the evening and night-time.

Discreet, functional and custom-made

A custom-made solution was needed in order to provide reliable drainage that is also as discreet as possible for the public space in the city centre. Not a problem: Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG was able to manufacture and deliver a custom-made solution with ease. In total, 441 m of Fortis concrete channels were used in this project. They were installed by employees of Harsch Bau GmbH based in Bretten. The channels from Richard Brink meet load class D 400 requirements and will withstand the weight of delivery vehicles driving over them in the pedestrian zone over the long term. The concrete channels were covered with heavy-duty slotted attachments made from stainless steel. What’s more, 42 custom-made drainage units and 42 flush boxes ensure easy cleaning of the discreet drainage system. These units and boxes are sealed using paved inlays filled with the same flooring material found in the surrounding area.

Impressive quality

The fitters on site were impressed with the products from Richard Brink. Installation and integration of the channels, drainage units and flush boxes were easy. First a concrete foundation was laid for the concrete channels to anchor them securely in the ground. Once the heavy-duty slotted attachments were fitted, the channel combinations could then be encased in precisely-fitting concrete.

The end result is a discreet, hardly noticeable and yet functional drainage solution, just as requested. The high-quality products from Richard Brink contributed much to the discreet look. ‘Thanks to their sleek design and quality craftsmanship, the slotted attachments of the channels blend in ideally with the surrounding surface. All of the parts and materials installed have met the criteria set for them,’ the foreman Andreas Rauscher from Harsch Bau GmbH concluded.

An inviting recreation area with organically arranged seating was created for passers-by underneath the existing row of 30-year-old lime trees. The seating includes elements of the concrete paving around it and features broad wooden benches.Large concrete slabs in rosé, ochre and sand shades echo the colour scheme of the pavement at Marktplatz and separate areas for shopping or dining from the pedestrian traffic.The heavy-duty slotted attachments from Richard Brink blend in with the concrete paving precisely and discreetly.Additional inspection and flush boxes ensure easy cleaning of the drainage system. These boxes are sealed using paved inlays that can be filled with the same concrete slabs found in the surrounding area.The Fortis concrete channel is designed for load classes A 15 to D 400. It can easily withstand the weight of delivery vehicles driving over it.The heavy-duty slotted attachments from the metal products manufacturer have also been designed for stringent requirements in conformance with load class E 600. Together the channel body and attachment make a discreet yet robust drainage solution.Drainage units and flush boxes can be added to the concrete channels as desired. These units and boxes are fitted with plastic drain nozzles for pipes of nominal widths DN 100 or DN 150 as standard.Cleaning the drainage system is very easy thanks to the removable paved inlays above the drainage units.