Exhibition hall 3C stands as an example of the extensive modernisation measures undertaken by the NürnbergMesse Group on the Nuremberg exhibition premises.

Showcase pieces in real-world use

Drainage solutions from Richard Brink for the NürnbergMesse glass façade

The NürnbergMesse Group has undertaken the extensive modernisation of its exhibition premises with the aim of connecting people and offering visitors the highest degree of comfort in the process. Take, for example, the new Hall 3C, which has been a real eye-catcher since its opening and boasts impressively high quality and energy standards. Drainage channels, gratings and drainage units from Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG are some of the elements meeting these high standards, both in terms of function and aesthetics.

The building erected in the south western corner of the exhibition grounds is much more than just a traditional exhibition hall. Technical and architectural details ensure this, on the one hand meeting the high sustainability standards set by NürnbergMesse and on the other, creating a comfortable space that fosters communication and exchange.

Certified sustainability

The trapezoid-shaped building has a maximum length of 145 m and a width of 85 m, thereby shaping a gross exhibition space of 9,600 m². The design of the steel-framework building spans the entire hall without support beams which would otherwise intrude into the exhibition space. Moreover, the full glass walls facing south and south west make the exhibition hall an open meeting space flooded with natural light. And by consulting with representatives of the disabled community in Nuremberg early on in the project, designers were able to ensure that the final building was accessible and user-friendly, even for those with disabilities.

The high proportion of natural daylight also means significant energy savings, as less artificial light is required. The entire façade is designed with maximum efficiency in mind, just like the building technology. The exhibition hall was granted a platinum certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) based on details such as improved indoor air quality thanks to the use of low-emission materials and heat recovery using rotary heat exchangers.

Custom-fit solution for seamless results

At the transition between the building envelope and the surrounding pavement outside, high-quality drainage solutions from Richard Brink continue with the theme of efficiency that runs throughout the building. For this construction project, the metal products manufacturer produced a total of 117 running metres of its Cubo drainage channel, six running metres of the Cubo Radial and nine drainage units customised to fit with the dimensions of the channels. The stainless steel channels, which were individually manufactured to the client’s specification, have an inlet width of 145 mm and measure 250 mm in height. They are also equipped with a latching system.

Longitudinal bar gratings made of hot-dip galvanised steel and measuring 135 mm wide cover the channel bodies with a precise fit. The gratings were powder-coated in RAL 7021 (black grey) to match the architectural colour scheme and ensure that the drainage solutions blend in discreetly with the overall look of the building. Moreover, combining the Cubo and Cubo Radial designs ensures that the channels themselves follow the curve of the façade and maintain the same distance from the façade at all points. As such, these products from Richard Brink help to reinforce the aesthetic lines of the exhibition hall, seal it off from the outdoor area and also collect falling precipitation directly at the façade for targeted drainage away from the building.

Partner for high-quality products

The installers on site also benefited while installing the customised drainage channels, longitudinal bar gratings and drainage units. For the employees of Rupert App GmbH + Co. based in Leutkirch im Allgäu, which was commissioned with the installation, the customised products represented significant time savings as well as a smooth process during the work itself. ‘Collaboration with Richard Brink proved to be very good and performance-oriented. In particular, the high quality of the products was clear and convincing and helped make our work faster,’ concluded Beno Schmuck, the person in charge of purchasing and material management at Rupert App GmbH + Co.

In addition to being used in the real world at the exhibition centre itself, the Cubo drainage channels, gratings and drainage units as well as many other products are presented every other year at the GaLaBau trade fair in Nuremberg, both at the Richard Brink’s own company stand and at the `Garten(t)räume' exhibition hosted by the German Association of Gardening, Landscaping and Recreation Construction (BGL).