The new Bangkirai channel from Richard Brink is the optimal drainage solution for outdoor areas, running along balconies and terraces as well as penthouse and flat-roof terraces with timber floorboards.

New system, new possibilities

Bangkirai channel from Richard Brink for balconies and terraces

Flat, flexible and easy to install: Richard Brink presents the new Bangkirai channel, a drainage solution designed by the metal products manufacturer for special application areas outdoors.

The Bangkirai channel from Richard Brink is the latest addition to a long-established range of drainage systems such as façade and balustrade channels running along balconies and terraces, as well as penthouse and flat-roof terraces with timber floorboards. It is excellent for integration both in terrace flooring made of Bangkirai (also known as Balau) wood and in other flooring materials such as aluminium terrace floorboards. This type of channel quickly diverts the larger amounts of precipitation which can collect on window façades, for example, down to the sealing and drainage levels in the substrate.

The low installation height of the stainless steel channel, which measures just 25 mm, matches the conventional material thickness of many terrace flooring options and therefore forms a consistent, flush transition in the flooring. Continuous rows of holes on the channel bottom make it very easy to screw the drainage system onto the scantlings of the substructure.

There is a choice of 20 designer gratings available to cover the channel, creating a striking visual feature through the contrast of materials between the stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel and the wood.

The Bangkirai channels are manufactured in 3 m lengths as standard and can be extended to any length desired using connectors. The standard inlet widths are 100, 140 and 160 mm. The channels can be shortened by the installer on site, or alternatively, Richard Brink also offers custom channel lengths to the client’s specification. The same flexibility also applies to custom inlet widths and heights.