Strikingly special – the new heavy-duty cast-iron gratings from Richard Brink. Here we see the Prisma together with the Fortis concrete channel.

Award-winning cast designs

Richard Brink presents new cast gratings Prisma and Zippa

Strikingly special – the heavy-duty Prisma and Zippa cast-iron gratings for covering drainage lines. Besides meeting technical requirements, they also impress with their aesthetic appeal. The panel of judges for the Red Dot Award recognised this achievement when they honoured the heavy-duty Prism cast-iron gratings with the renowned award in the “Urban Design” category.

The constant further development of urban living spaces, such as converting old industrial plots into residential quarters, means that even seemingly mundane details are increasingly being re-examined with an eye to design, even those that are intended to be purely functional at first glance. With its Prisma and Zippa cast-iron gratings, Richard Brink demonstrates that even these elements can be turned into design features.

Prisma – resilient design

The detailed, homogeneous surface of the Prisma cast-iron gratings, with their interwoven, bevelled sections, diffracts the light again and again and works well in the context of modern outdoor and road design. The locking technology has been purposefully moved to a second level, so as not to interrupt the overall look of a single, fluid pattern. The high-quality aesthetic was highlighted by the Red Dot Award judges in their commentary on the winning product: “The modern design of the heavy-duty Prisma grating features an impressively harmonious look that accentuates a slick urban aesthetic.”

A high-quality cathodic dip coating in anthracite grey adds the finishing touches to the heavy-duty Prisma grating, which meets the requirements for load class D 400 in accordance with DIN EN 1433. Prisma is manufactured in a length of 500 mm and with inlet widths of 144 mm and 194 mm as standard.

Zippa – it’s all in the name

The Zippa gratings get their name from the word “zipper”, a reference to the visual pattern of the heavy-duty cast-iron grating, which looks like a closed zipper. With this grating, too, the locking technology is offset so it sits below the tread surfaces, resulting in an uninterrupted, clean design.

Like Prisma, Zippa is manufactured in sections measuring 500 mm long with inlet widths of 144 mm and 194 mm. And Zippa even meets the requirements for load class E 600.

Black is beautiful

The premium look of the cast-iron gratings shows just how beautiful black really can be when used in conjunction with the Poly-Fortis channels from Richard Brink. Next to the cast-iron frames, which like the gratings have a cathodic dip coating in anthracite grey, the dark grey colour of the polymer concrete channels gives the entire system a high-quality aesthetic.

And since Richard Brink also manufactures polymer concrete and standard concrete drainage systems, its product range also includes suitable concrete channels with cast-iron frames.

Function meets design

With the Prisma and Zippa gratings, Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG makes it possible to enhance heavy-duty drainage systems both in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal. The very high cast-iron quality and premium CDP coating guarantee the creation of premium products that are sure to impress on the market when it comes to high resilience, first-class craftsmanship and a striking, appealing design.

Both the cast-iron gratings and the cast-iron frames, here with the Poly-Fortis concrete channel, have a cathodic dip coating in anthracite grey.With Zippa it’s all in the name: the grating looks like a closed zipper.This exploded view shows the different high-quality materials that make up the complete Poly-Fortis system: cast iron, polymer concrete and stainless steel. The interwoven, bevelled sections of Prisma diffract the light again and again. They work well with modern outdoor and road design, which the panel of judges for the Red Dot Award recognised when they selected the cast-iron gratings for the award in the “Urban Design” category.In both products, the locking technology is purposefully moved to a second level, resulting in an uninterrupted, clean design.