Easy to install, flexible to use and absolutely leak-tight – the new Parco parking deck channel from Richard Brink with seal flanges, available both as an evaporation channel or as a drainage channel connected to an existing dewatering system.

Flexible car park drainage

Parking deck channel Parco added to the Richard Brink product range

With its new Parco channel, Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG has developed a product specifically for drainage of parking decks, parking blocks, multi-storey car parks and pedestrian subways. It works both as an evaporation channel as well as a channel connected via a nozzle, collecting precipitation and thus protecting the structural fabric over the long term.

Whether it’s falling precipitation around the ramps or water brought in by vehicles and passers-by, high-traffic parking blocks and subways are exposed to the wet on rainy or snowy days. This precipitation must be collected in a targeted way and then either directed away or allowed to evaporate. Good drainage protects the structural fabric of the building on the one hand and keeps visitors from getting wet feet and slipping or falling on the other. With the Parco parking deck channel, the metal products manufacturer presents a drainage solution that can be used as an evaporation channel or a connected drainage channel.

Simple, flexible, leak-tight

The basic body of Parco comprises the channel and connection or seal flange, all formed out of one piece and excellently suited to integration in any type of flooring. Its height-adjustable base feet allow the channel to be easily fitted in many different installation locations. U-shaped metal sheets can also be used to extend the parking deck channel to any desired length, making it a flexible solution for car park drainage that meets customer-specific requirements. A cast rubber seal is fitted between the connector sheets and the channel body of Parco at the factory, to ensure maximum reliability for daily use. Two mounted frames hold precisely-fitting covers such as mesh or hole gratings from Richard Brink. The hole gratings are reinforced to suit their application. Used in combination with the parking deck channel, they have no problem withstanding loads from vehicles driving over them.

In addition to using Parco as an evaporation channel, this new product can also be connected to existing drainage lines via a nozzle, in order to direct falling precipitation away in a desired direction.

Always the right choice

Richard Brink delivers the 2 mm thick stainless steel channel in standard lengths of 1,000 mm, 2,000 mm and 3,000 mm, and also manufactures the channel in custom dimensions to the client’s specification. Inlet widths of 100 mm, 160 mm or 200 mm are available. Thanks to its variability in length and width, Parco is always the right choice, regardless of how big the car park is.

The stainless steel Parco channel comes in lengths of one, two or three metres as standard and can be further extended using connectors.  Custom dimensions can also be manufactured to the client’s specificationTwo mounted, welded frames hold precisely-fitting covers such as mesh or hole gratings from Richard Brink.The height-adjustable base feet simplify installation on site, as the channel can easily be adapted to suit the installation location. The channel can be extended to any desired length using U-shaped metal sheets. Cast rubber seals between the connector sheets and channel bodies ensure that the system is leak-tight. The channels and gratings together form an evaporation or drainage system, depending on whether they are connected to a drainage line or not.Thanks to its flexible option to extend the length as desired, the Parco channel is always the right solution for car park drainage – regardless of how big the car park is.The channels and gratings have no problem withstanding loads from vehicles driving over them on a daily basis – such as in parking blocks – even long-term.