The “Solid” heavy-duty manhole covers made by the company Richard Brink impress with their extreme resilience, reliable functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Maximum stability, minimum effort

New heavy-duty manhole covers from Richard Brink

With its “Solid” heavy-duty manhole covers, the company Richard Brink has curated an impressive combination of resilience, look and functionality. Thanks to the stone inlay, the products can be elegantly adapted to fit every setting and, unlike their more conventional counterparts on the market, are ready for immediate use..

Solid manhole covers: the name says it all. Developed for heavy-duty use by Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG, the products are made from either stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel depending on the design and have no trouble withstanding the long-term impact of cars and even trucks driving over them. They are available based on either load class B 125, with a material thickness of 3 mm, or load class D 400, with a thickness of 6 mm.

Versatile use, uniform look

The Solid covers help ensure that service and utilities shafts, e.g. for electricity, water, telephone connections or waste water, are securely sealed. The products can also be installed over existing gully covers, providing a convenient, stylish solution with a high-quality finish.

Flanges are incorporated along both the inner and outer sides of the frame. The outer flange can be paved down using slab material found in the surrounding area, while the inner flange features an EPDM gasket and forms the supporting base of the paving tray. The gasket reliably stops precipitation from seeping through the frame and also serves as an odour trap. Additional drainage holes in the tray and outer frame make sure any accumulating water is fed into the substrate of the adjacent paved areas, successfully preventing pooling.

Together with the paved inlay, which has a standard internal height of 80 mm, the manhole cover blends in perfectly with its surroundings. The existing slab material is simply fixed in place or inserted over a base layer if needed. The result is a uniform surface interrupted only by the metal edges of the frame and cover. In the D 400 version, the triangular corners containing the pick holes catch the eye and make for a brilliant contrast with the flooring material.

For immediate use

While a great deal of time and effort is needed to first fill conventional covers with high-performance concrete – a material that is not always readily available – in order to achieve the required stability for heavy-duty use, the Solid covers are much easier to install. The manhole covers from Richard Brink feature reinforcement struts under the sturdy paving tray. The trays can then be filled directly with the respective floor material, without it having to be reduced in height.

The metal products manufacturer produces the paving trays either with a standard, internal height of 80 mm, or as a custom-made solution for any slab thickness. The same goes for the dimensions of the manhole covers, which are available with the clear dimensions 600 x 600 mm, 800 x 800 mm and 1,000 x 1,000 mm as standard.

Thanks to the integrated paving tray, the covers blend into their surroundings and achieve a uniform overall look. The metal edging of the frame and cover creates an effective contrast with the surrounding slab material.The version depicted here was developed with load class B 125 in mind. It has a material thickness of 3 mm and can withstand the load of cars. All models are furnished with reinforcement struts located under the sturdy paving tray and are therefore ready for immediate use.A second version with a material thickness of 6 mm is based on load class D 400 and therefore has no trouble withstanding even the impact of trucks driving over it.In the D 400 version, the triangular corners containing the pick holes catch the eye.