A powerful, durable indoor drainage solution was needed. The Lamina Indoor slotted channel and floor drains fully met all customer requirements.

Top performance with a sleek aesthetic

Tailor-made drainage solutions for shower areas from Richard Brink

TowerPower, a gym in the Siegburg TurmCenter, plays host to top fitness performance on a daily basis. No less high-performing are the drainage channels and floor drains from Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG, which were installed during extensive renovations to the toilet and shower areas of the gym.

The TurmCenter lies in the heart of Siegburg in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. A former spun rayon factory with its own water tower, the TurmCenter today offers tradesmen, businesses and service providers modern commercial units wrapped in historical industrial architecture. The TurmCenter has given its resident companies individual solutions for room configurations, equipment and interior design since 1998, without losing the unique character of the building.

Extensive renovation

This approach is reflected in the TowerPower gym there. Spread across over 4,000 square metres, TowerPower is the largest gym in the Rhein-Sieg district and has lots to offer its members in terms of indoor training and wellness options. And at the start of 2020, the sanitary facilities were set to undergo complete renovation in order to ensure maximum comfort even after the workouts are finished. A minimalist yet effective drainage solution was chosen for the indoor male and female shower areas during their extensive renovation. The drainage solution was to blend in visually with the overall concept of the gym on the one hand, and be able to withstand constant, high water volumes on the other. ‘With such frequent usage – up to six showers potentially running at the same time – we had high requirements for the materials used and the functionality of the drainage solution. We also wanted a solution that would be easy to clean on a daily basis, with an odour trap and very quick maintenance cycles,’ explains Janis Kapitza from the company responsible for the TurmCenter, H. EGGE GmbH based in Cologne.

Precisely-fitting linear drainage

Richard Brink has enjoyed a long-standing cooperative partnership with this client, and the expert individualised advice of the metal products manufacturer has always been appreciated. As expected, Richard Brink had the perfect solution on hand for this building project as well, a solution that appealed both for its sleek design and for its high durability.

The client opted for tailor-made Lamina Indoor slotted channels made of stainless steel, with matching floor drains. These industrial, shower and kitchen channels are an indoor drainage system that is always in demand when larger volumes of water are expected, such as heavy flow from communal showers which are in constant use or the draining of waste water from commercial kitchens or industrial complexes. The slotted channels are manufactured in lengths of one, two or three metres as standard, but custom production is not a problem in dimensions up to three metres. In the male and female showers of the TowerPower gym, a total of four custom channel lengths were used, each with two floor drains. The floor drains were covered with 7 × 7 mm longitudinal bar gratings and are available in different designs with up to four connection options, plus bell plungers and vertical outflows.

Easy handling, perfect result

H. EGGE GmbH was also in charge of installation of the drainage solution, where the high quality of the craftsmanship and custom dimensions ensured the precise fit of the slotted channels. Moreover, stilted supports with articulated feet allow for the height of the channels to be adjusted between 110 mm and 160 mm, so that the Lamina Indoor channels can be precisely levelled no matter where they are installed. All of the drainage lines were easy to install and ultimately the desired result was achieved: ‘We love stainless steel as a durable material, for one, and the slim visible width of the slotted channels from Richard Brink, for another. The result of the work reflects the degree of detail in the planning of this project. The minimalist overall concept was virtually perfectly executed thanks to the modern materials and products, which also meet the highest design standards,’ Janis Kapitza says, praising the successful cooperation with Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG.

Now a visit to the gym is topped off with a stop in the modern, comfortable shower areas. The renovations attract lots of compliments, and not just from the client itself: ‘Our members are impressed with the renovated facilities, as are the cleaning staff. They also benefit from the new fittings, because their daily work is made significantly easier thanks to how easy it is to handle the channels and drains,’ Lars Viereck, Managing Director of TowerPower, concludes.

The TurmCenter in Siegburg is home to different companies, offering them modern commercial spaces with unique industrial character.The TowerPower gym undertook extensive renovations to all of its shower and toilet areas so that members would benefit from maximum comfort after their workouts.Both the slotted channels and the drains with 7 × 7 mm longitudinal bar gratings blend in sleekly with the surrounding shower areas and ensure reliable drainage even where high volumes of water are likely.The industrial, shower and kitchen Lamina Indoor slotted channels are manufactured in lengths of one, two or three metres as standard, but custom production is possible in dimensions up to three metres. The height of the channel can be adjusted using the stilted supports. Moreover, floor drains are available with up to four connection options, depending on the installation location and line routing.The entire Lamina Indoor system can be flexibly adapted to the conditions on site and put together accordingly. Vertical outflows and bell plungers complete the drainage solution.