At the Marktplatz square in Lüdinghausen, a flat water feature was installed which symbolically reflects the town’s history and its popular attractions.

Bubbling castle landscape

Drainage solutions from Richard Brink for a barrier-free water feature

With the aim of respecting the town’s history while also revamping the public space for its residents, a unique series of fountains has been installed in Lüdinghausen. The combination of partly engraved natural stone slabs, fountains and drainage solutions from Richard Brink together form a water feature that acts as a map as well as inviting visitors and passers-by to stay, play and refresh for a while.

Lüdinghausen is situated south-west of Münster in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is a town shaped by its medieval past, with attractions rich in history, such as moated castles, churches and a picturesque historic town centre. A sprawling network of cycling routes opens up expansive tours of discovery through the natural surroundings of the town and to various excursion destinations, especially on sunny days. Even the central Marktplatz square in Lüdinghausen points to the town’s reputation as a castle town – through a creatively designed water feature.

Accessible and durable

Situated at the eastern edge of the square, the water feature measures 5.60 metres long and 3.40 metres wide. At the top of the feature, three fountains shoot water up in regular intervals, and the water then cascades down the graded surface of the slabs. The concept entailed a flat, barrier-free structure that was easy to maintain and also allowed wheelchair users, cyclists and individuals with walking disabilities to cross the area. It also needed to be possible to disable the water feature when the square was being used as a marketplace and to drive over the water feature without damaging it. And as for the drainage solution, it needed to be discreet yet effective in ensuring that the water continued to circulate.

Custom products all around

Custom channels and gratings from Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG were used to meet that final requirement. Slotted channels measuring a total length of almost nine metres run along the top end and sides of the fountain area and follow the slight gradient of the inner large-format natural stone slabs. The stainless steel products were manufactured to the client’s specification, so that the collar heights matched the slab height in order to fit in perfectly and precisely. All of the side parts of the fountain drainage system were also welded at the plant, so that employees of Benning GmbH & Co. KG, the Münster-based company charged with installing the solution, just needed to assemble four components on site to form a complete water-impermeable system. In the lower area, the fountain gradient terminates with a round 3.4 metre long Stabile channel made by the metal products manufacturer, covered with Hydra Linearis gratings. The bars of the gratings, made of 7 × 7 millimetre thick stainless steel, set gleaming accents.

Visually, the water feature as a whole looks fantastic thanks to its many impressive details. For example, there is a section of non-grated stainless steel in the middle of the Stabile channel between the bar gratings, where the lettering ‘Dreiburgenbrunnen’ (the three-castle fountain) has been lasered into the metal. The meaning behind the word becomes clear with one look at the three fountains, which correspond to the historic castles located in and around Lüdinghausen. A map is engraved into the surrounding natural stone slabs, where the locations of the castles are marked with fountains. The unique feature gives the observer a creative, dynamic overall picture that reflects the character of the town.

Gained valuable experience

The custom production of all components and pre-assembly of the slotted channels made precisely-fitting installation of the drainage system easy. ‘The flexible option to adapt all drainage and dewatering systems and their high quality make Richard Brink a reliable partner, one we’ve been working with regularly for some time. The demanding project called for highly individual product solutions, which the metal products manufacturer did an excellent job supplying,’ concludes foreman Roman Neubert of Benning GmbH & Co. KG.

For the town of Lüdinghausen, completion of the water feature represents a significant revamping of the Marktplatz, which promises much: ‘The water feature makes the square a welcome space for families with children to stay and play a while. As a publicity magnet it draws in more visitors to our town and adds to the long list of excellent attractions we have on offer,’ says Stefan Wiemann, Managing Director of Lüdinghausen Marketing e. V. of the external appeal of the fountain.

Three fountains represent the castles in and around Lüdinghausen, marked out on a map engraved in natural stone. The large-format natural stone slabs of the water feature are slightly graded to achieve a gradient for the water to drain. The area is still completely barrier-free, however, and can even be crossed by cyclists.Custom heavy-duty slotted channels from Richard Brink run around the feature and ensure that the water keeps circulating. They match the gradient of the slabs precisely and form a streamlined transition between the water feature and the rest of the square.In the lower area, a Stabile channel with longitudinal bar gratings completes the circuit. A stainless steel section in the middle was lasered with the lettering ‘Dreiburgenbrunnen’ (the three-castle fountain) by the metal products manufacturer.The slotted channels are impressively robust heavy-duty drainage solutions. They blend in discreetly into the overall concept and at the same time ensure the highest degree of functionality and reliability.