Shower channels by Richard Brink ensure comfort

The Austrian town of Seeboden on the bank of Lake Millstatt has seen the construction of a residential complex comprising 32 luxury apartments over the course of a year and a half. The apartments, created as part of the ‘Lakeside Dream’ project, are distinguished by their direct views over the lake and their top-quality furnishings. When choosing the materials, Michael Rauter Bauträger GmbH placed the emphasis on quality, which is reflected in everything from the oak parquet flooring in the living areas to the stone tiling in the bathroom. The company chose shower channels by Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG when equipping the floor-level showers in the sanitary areas. The shower channels drain the falling water quickly and reliably during a shower and blend in with the elegant design of the bathrooms.

Richard Brink supplies stainless steel shower channels

Every day has a holiday-like air about it for those who live beside Lake Millstatt in Austria’s Carinthia region, thanks to the mild climate and sweeping views over the water. The newly built apartments on the southern shore of the lake, which covers an expanse of more than 13 square kilometres, have large windows that capture the striking vistas and surrounding countryside. These also ensure that the living spaces receive plenty of light. The building, which is integrated into the hillside, houses a total of 32 apartments with floor space ranging between 60 and 210 square metres. Residents at the complex enjoy private access to the lake and one of its beaches.

Harmonious integration

The planners were keen to integrate the residential building carefully into the surrounding landscape. With a smartly structured and staggered design, it blends harmoniously into the contours of the hillside. The cubic buildings are distinguished by their unified design and vibrant white façades. Inside the apartments, neutral shades such as cream and brown are combined with top-quality materials such as real oak parquet. 

Bathrooms with stainless steel shower channels

The design of the bathrooms is in keeping with the quality of the living and sleeping areas. Large white tiles on the walls and purple non-slip stone tiling on the floors create a harmonious interplay in one of the apartments. The highlight of the sanitary area is the spacious walk-in shower. To ensure that the water falling during a shower would drain away quickly and safely, the planners used Elix shower channels from Richard Brink. These are height-adjustable, making them ideal for adapting to site specifications. Sanded stainless steel cover gratings with rectangular perforations (85 x 5mm) add a visual appeal. 

Making showers accessible

The shower channels have an inlet width of 70 millimetres and a length of 70 centimetres. They are fitted with a trap and an outlet with a diameter of 50 millimetres, which can drain up to 0.85 litres of water per second. ‘The solution with the shower channels and stainless steel gratings looks great, and it’s practical at the same time,’ says Markus Unterdorfer-Morgenstern, Managing Director of AUSTROSTAR Immobilien GmbH and vendor of the apartments. Despite the steep slope, some of the ‘Lakeside Dream’ apartments were designed to be accessible. The dewatering channels provided by Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG are particularly suited to threshold-free showers. Due to their solid construction, the shower channels are exceptionally good at withstanding heavier loads, including the weight of a wheelchair.