The company Bielefelder Bäder und Freizeit GmbH (BBF) commissioned the refurbishment of the changing rooms and sanitary area at the ISHARA spa. The outcome was a modern space with a pleasant atmosphere.

Pleasant cooling

Shower channels from Richard Brink provide dewatering for the ISHARA spa

ISHARA in Bielefeld aims to be an oasis of well-being for its visitors. But over time the sanitary facilities and changing rooms of the integrated spa had become worn. In order to offer guests a relaxing time in a pleasant environment once more, the investor, Bielefelder Bäder und Freizeit GmbH (BBF), had the areas renovated. Among other things, a functional dewatering system that also blends in harmoniously with the tile flooring was to provide optimal comfort. Industrial and kitchen channels from Richard Brink meet these requirements. As the biggest variant of indoor dewatering systems, they reliably drain away the water from the showers for the swimming pool, for example. Custom-made and fitted with supportable tiled trays, the stainless steel products blend in discreetly with the floor.

The ISHARA family baths is an island of relaxation in the centre of Bielefeld. With spa baths, children’s swimming pools and pools for sport, relaxation spots and an oriental spa area, it has much to offer. The spa also features saunas set at different temperatures alongside whirlpools and cooling pools, relaxation zones and a rooftop garden, making it a real oasis of well-being. The spa has been awarded the quality seal of the German Sauna Association.

Creating an atmosphere for well-being

The spa at the leisure complex has its own sanitary facilities and changing rooms. After 16 years, however, these facilities and changing rooms were in need of a modern revamp. Also, the way the space was divided up was also not optimal for users. This is why the BBF had the changing rooms, showers and toilets renovated. Bielefelder Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH (BGW) was responsible for providing technical support for the project and planned the modernisation of the facilities together with interior architect Petra Blume from Detmold. The redesign aimed to give the facilities a facelift and create a warm atmosphere that promotes the well-being of the spa’s visitors. In order for guests to be able to use the area safely and prevent water from pooling on the floor, a suitable, easy-to-clean dewatering system was to be integrated. Especially in the corridor of the men’s and women’s changing rooms, the designers wanted a channel to run along the entire length of the rooms. In addition to reliable drainage of the water, the dewatering system needed to look good and blend in discreetly with the beige tile floors. Visitors of the spa used the swimming pool changing rooms and sanitary facilities while renovation work was being carried out. In order to make the spa’s own areas available again as soon as possible, the building work had to be completed quickly.

Custom-made channels

Richard Brink delivers even custom-made products in extremely short timeframes. That’s why the individually adapted industrial and kitchen channels from the metal products manufacturer were especially suitable for this project. They can also be used as shower channels and ensure reliable drainage of large amounts of water even under continuous use. Made of stainless steel (V4A), the channels can withstand the long-term effects of chlorine. The visible width of the channels is 200mm, and the visible length is specific to the different rooms in which the channels are used. In total the shower channels have a visible overall length of 39m spread out across the changing rooms and sanitary facilities, and it was possible to connect the channels to the existing floor drains. Even this work was made easy for the employees of Hedre Fliesen GmbH from Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock as Richard Brink custom-made the channel drains. In order to fit the dewatering solution with sufficient gradients along the entire length of the changing room corridor, the workers removed 50cm of existing floor screed from around the channels and laid new screed. In the other areas of the changing rooms, minimal gradients were created by filling and sanding. A reliable seal was created by fitting circular flanges. The manufacturer delivered the products with a tiled tray, where the surrounding flooring should be continued. This approach virtually hides the dewatering system and creates a uniform look. Only the top frames of the channels can be seen, setting modest accents on the beige-coloured tiling.

Successful cooperation

Richard Brink supported the project even during the planning stages with its measuring service. A tailored solution for ISHARA resulted from intensive collaboration between the investor, designers, workers and the manufacturer. Thanks to custom-made products, the dewatering system is integrated seamlessly in the tile concept. After two months of closure, guests now benefit once again from a pleasant cool-down after visiting the sauna.


To make sure water is reliably channelled away, employees from Hedre Fliesen GmbH fitted a dewatering solution made up of industrial and kitchen channels from the company Richard Brink.The stainless steel channels in the corridor of the changing rooms run along the entire length of the room. As they were made to measure, the channels fit in aesthetically with the tile grid.The tiling is continued in the channel's tiled tray, creating a harmonious overall look.Running almost the entire width of the shower cubicles, the dewatering system is pleasant to stand on.The channels are integrated beautifully and discreetly into the flooring. With an inlet width of 160mm, they quickly direct water away, ensuring safety in the spa’s sanitary area. [Translate to Englisch:] [Translate to Englisch:] [Translate to Englisch:]