Custom-built ventilation

Special façade structures from the Stabile Air range keep moisture at bay

The Stabile Air façade channel is the solution when it comes to keeping the base of wooden and insulated façades well ventilated. The large openings along the wall side prevent the build-up of water and capillary damage – without compromising on flexibility. Custom-made solutions provide the perfect fit for every building façade while ensuring tailor-made protection.

Reliable drainage is essential where large amounts of precipitation fall in front of façades – only then are external walls safely protected from moisture getting in. Richard Brink has developed the Stabile Air drainage channel with precisely this in mind. It is made entirely from stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel. The façade side of the channel features large openings that ensure sufficient ventilation of the building’s base. If this is set back, adjustable spacers and articulated feet can also be integrated into the channel system. This prevents water from pooling along the façade, which in turn stops capillary forces from forming.

Surpassing the standard

The metal products manufacturer makes the Stabile Air in a length of 1,000mm as standard; single-part channels can be up to 1,500mm long. As the products can be put together without connectors, the system can be extended as required. The channels usually measure 170mm or 300mm high, with standard inlet widths of 100mm, 140mm, 200mm, 250mm or 300mm.

Unique architecture demands flexible solutions. This is why the range of services offered by Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG includes made-to-measure and special structures, available across all product lines. The manufacturer also produces the Stabile Air drainage channel according to customer specifications. Hundreds of metres of façade channels measuring up to 480mm high have been supplied to date for a number of building projects. They ensure considerable protection against moisture, right up to the base of the façade. Moreover, the channels are available with projecting elements that bridge the base insulation areas around reveals and floor-length windows and doors. Radial designs can also be easily integrated into the solution.

The Stabile Air is compatible with all Richard Brink gratings, even where custom channels are used. Together with the elegant designer gratings from Richard Brink, this drainage system offers not just practical functionality but also a visual highlight for any façade.