The new ‘Poly-Fortis’ channels and drainage units made from polymer concrete round off the range of products offered by Richard Brink in all standard sizes. Their impressive properties make them reliable and resilient dewatering solutions.

Lightweight resilience

The new polymer concrete channel from Richard Brink

Lightweight and yet so resilient – this perfectly sums up the new ‘Poly-Fortis’, which Richard Brink has just added to its range of products. The polymer concrete channels and drainage units are now available in all standard sizes of the ‘Fortis’ concrete channels already on the market.

The new polymer product range once again attests to the company’s drive for constant development. With its signature high-quality results, Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG has produced polymer concrete channels that offer an impressive range of benefits, making them a sturdy, reliable drainage solution that will last for years to come.

Fully sealed

The new polymer concrete formula ensures very high water impermeability. The concrete channels themselves absorb hardly any water thanks to high-quality resins mixed with quartz sand. And rubber seals at the channel joints mean that even transitions between individual elements do not let water through, ensuring excellent redirection of collected precipitation.

Against all odds

Compared to standard concrete designs, the ‘Poly-Fortis’ weighs significantly less – but customers and project managers don’t have to worry about the material being flimsy. Quite the opposite: as lightweight as they are, these channels offer great resilience, right up to class D 400. The material mix also makes it possible to achieve large cross-sections for maximum flow and thin channel wall thicknesses.

The channels are also extremely resistant to chemicals: the plastic component of their make-up is primarily responsible for this, as it shields and effectively protects the main mineral components of the channels. Even aggressive chemical liquids that get into drainage systems are unable to penetrate the surface of the inner sides of the channels, which retain their smooth texture in the long term.

New covers added to the range

Richard Brink has added more than just channels and drainage units to its product range. In addition to the tried-and-tested longitudinal bar and mesh gratings for heavy-duty use, the metal products manufacturer is now offering high-quality cast gratings in different designs for the first time. The ‘Zippa’ and ‘Prisma’ designs can easily handle heavy loads of over 40 tonnes – the ‘Zippa’ grating even meets the requirements for load class E 600. The high resilience of the gratings is determined not only by the premium casting alloy used to make them but also their sophisticated shape, which lends these products a high-quality aesthetic. The look is enhanced further with a premium CDP coating.

Even the large drainage units are lightweight thanks to their material composition, which also incorporates a plastic component. Despite their light construction, the new products can withstand weight loads of up to and including D 400. Thanks to their resilience, the dewatering solutions made of polymer concrete ensure that collected precipitation is optimally redirected in the long run. This is largely thanks to the choice of material that makes the large cross-section for maximum flow and thin channel walls possible in the first place.