Shower trays, shower channels, industrial and kitchen channels, and floor drains

Shower trays / shower elements

Our Atrium shower tray provides a complete solution for draining the shower area that can also be tiled. The fully welded stainless steel base gives the shower tray an absolutely impenetrable second drainage level. No additional sealing is needed in any water-carrying areas within the shower tray. In particular, maintenance-intensive silicone sealants are rendered unnecessary. The time and effort required to install the shower tray is kept to a minimum thanks to ready-made transition and connection elements such as sound insulation strips around the edge, gradient wedges that come glued in and, on request, fitted sealing strips. The shower trays are available in various square and rectangular dimensions as standard. Individual custom dimensions of max. 1,500mm x 1,500mm are possible.

Shower channels

Similar to the shower tray, our shower channels also serve to drain the shower area. Made entirely from stainless steel, the shower channels can be perfectly adapted to the installation location thanks to their height-adjustable articulated feet. The channels are available in lengths ranging from 600mm to 1,500mm as standard. Custom dimensions to fit an existing tile layout or niche measurements with upstands are always possible. A wide selection of designer gratings complete the channels’ overall look.

Industrial channels, kitchen channels, floor drains

Industrial and kitchen channels as well as our high-performance floor drains are ideal for surfaces that tend to accumulate large quantities of water, e.g. communal shower areas in swimming baths, or to divert waste water in commercial kitchens or industrial complexes. Our industrial channels, kitchen channels and floor drains are made from robust stainless steel (V2A) with large drain nozzles. Besides our standard dimensions, we can also implement custom measurements at short notice. Depending on the installation location, customers can choose from a range of designer gratings or slip-resistant mesh gratings to cover the industrial channels, kitchen channels and floor drains.

Slotted industrial, shower and kitchen channels, with and without floor drains

The Lamina Indoor comes either with a floor flange or without a floor flange and can be used wherever a discreet finish is preferred despite the need for a large intake capacity. Bespoke solutions are also possible for these products. Our slotted industrial, shower and kitchen channels are made from robust stainless steel (V2A).