With its new Adam living wall, the company Richard Brink now provides a solution for large-scale façade planting.

Vertical garden in XXL

Richard Brink presents Adam living wall for façade planting

Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, 18/11/2022. The use of large-scale green-wall installations on building exteriors is not only a sure-fire way to catch people’s attention, it also comes with a number of functional advantages. With the Adam living wall, the company Richard Brink is expanding its portfolio to include a façade planting solution that stands out on account of its well-thought-out modular structure, resilience and simple handling.

Living walls open up all kinds of possibilities for vertical, large-scale planting, from individual building walls to the abundant planting of entire complexes and high rises. Regardless of scale, they are always sure to enhance the appearance of a building and make it one of a kind.

Green walls also come with plenty of benefits in terms of the environment and sustainability: in both summer and winter, vertical vegetation provides an additional layer of insulation, which in turn saves energy, helps improve the microclimate and reduce noise, creates new habitats and sources of nutrients for animals, and effectively binds pollutants from the air. While climbing plants such as ivy were often used in the past, different solutions are available today – such as the new Adam living wall from the company Richard Brink.

Clever construction to meet highest demands

The living wall from the metal products manufacturer is suitable for both new and existing buildings. Its modular construction always ensures easy assembly, regardless of the level of planting required. The system comprises a substructure made from hot-dip galvanised steel as well as 2mm-thick plant cassettes made from aluminium, which are secured to the substructure with the help of a top-hat rail. It is designed so as to guarantee the continuous ventilation of the façade as enough space is left for air to circulate between the building’s exterior and the planted cassettes.

In the standard version, the plant cassette measures 1,000mm wide, 500mm high and 140mm deep and is able to accommodate up to 18 plants through its openings, each of which has a diameter of 84mm. The cassettes are also produced in a width of 500mm. In cases where neither of these dimensions would work for a project, Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG is happy to supply made-to-measure solutions on request. Customers are given maximum freedom of design thanks to the choice of powder coatings in all RAL and DB colours.

With regard to watering, the metal products manufacturer recommends the use of commercially available drip irrigation hoses which continuously release water, keeping all layers of soil in the Adam living wall optimally hydrated. To do this, irrigation hoses are only required every two vertical metres. To protect against heat or frost, the cassettes can be lined on the inside at the factory with 20mm-thick XPS panels as per customer specifications. The holes for the plant openings simply have to be drilled out when installing the cassettes on site. In all, this integrated system offers customers a brilliant way of providing year-round planting to cover building façades.

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