The MiraluxFlex is the latest addition to Richard Brink’s range of solar substructures. In the east-west facing version, the systems now come with module clamps to facilitate the flexible use of commercially available panels.

The right support for every solar panel

Assembly made more flexible with MiraluxFlex from Richard Brink

Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, 15.08.2022. The Miralux solar substructures have long been viewed as a robust and easy-to-use solution for assembling photovoltaic systems. Module clamps now enable the flexible use of commercially available panels in the east-west version. Introducing the aptly named MiraluxFlex line, which also comes with additional ballast options.

When it comes to assembling medium to large photovoltaic systems in particular, the use of solutions that are quick to put together certainly stand out in terms of construction time and cost. With its Miralux solar substructures, Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG offers precisely this kind of solution. The products require minimal storage space and are simple to use while still providing a thoroughly robust system thanks to their construction from hot-dip galvanised steel with a Magnelis coating or, on request, aluminium.

The substructures are available in two versions: either as a south-facing mounting system for a profitable installation that benefits from a high performance in the middle of the day, or as an east-west mounting system for continuous energy generation throughout the day. The two versions are easy to use and completely secure. They have both been aerodynamically optimised in wind tunnel tests and are therefore comparatively low ballast. Installation of the models requires no penetration of the roof cladding, and integrated cable channels guarantee reliable cabling. The system is easy to expand retroactively thanks to its modular structure.

Adjustable support and ballasting

In order to offer its customers even more flexibility when assembling their solar energy systems, the metal products manufacturer has expanded its substructures for east-west facing panels to include fixing elements. The MiraluxFlex systems thus enables the straightforward installation of different commercially available panels. Thanks to the clamps fixed to either side of the mounting system, the structures can hold modules measuring between 30mm and 50mm tall and between 900mm and 1,100mm deep.

Besides the time-tested ballast supports, two types of screwable ballast blocks are now also available. While the first, square-shaped version weighs in at around 34kg per block and thus guarantees stable support, the second version features a flat base panel and is ideal for installation in gravel beds or on green roofs. With the MiraluxFlex, the company Richard Brink is able to really showcase its technical expertise, stemming from over 15 years in the solar energy industry, and offer its customers versatile solutions for any roof structure or panel type.


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