Rosenberg Hospital has over 195 beds and is run by German insurer Deutsche Rentenversicherung Westfalen (DRV). The hospital is located in Bad Driburg, near Paderborn.

Tailored treatment

Rosenberg Hospital modernised with shower channels and gratings from Richard Brink

Modern accommodation for patients forms part of optimal clinical care. For this reason, German insurer Deutsche Rentenversicherung Westfalen (DRV) decided to redesign 96 patient rooms in Rosenberg Hospital in Bad Driburg. The building works were planned to run from October 2015 to May 2018. After public tendering, the DRV commissioned sanitary experts from PA-BRA GmbH & Co. KG in Brakel with renovating the sanitary areas so that they, too, would meet modern demands. The project poses a particular challenge as the renovation work has to be carried out while the hospital is in operation. Fast and reliable implementation is therefore crucial, which is why shower channels and gratings from Richard Brink are being used in the installation of the drainage system. The different sizes and dimensions of the bathrooms call for precisely-fitting components that are also compatible with each other. The demands placed on the drainage solution are met with the fast custom production of Elix shower channels and polished stainless steel gratings by Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG.

Rosenberg Hospital, located near Paderborn, is a modern specialist DRV hospital that primarily focuses on gastroenterology, psychosomatic medicine and the treatment of diabetes and obesity. With its interdisciplinary team, it offers holistic health advice and a wide range of therapy options for achieving the individual rehabilitation goals of every single patient. The rooms, which have a total of over 195 beds, serve to house the patients as they undergo clinical treatment.

Large-scale modernisation

After determining that some of the older parts of its buildings were in need of renovation, the hospital set the project in motion at the end of 2015. The extensive building works involve renewing the roof seal and the façade, adapting the fire control measures and renovating the rooms. Renovations will also be carried out in 96 patient rooms that no longer meet modern requirements. This work is to be completed by 2018. After more than 30 years of use, the sanitary areas have also reached the end of their technical lifespan. Managers identified the need for action early and commissioned PA-BRA GmbH & Co. KG, HVAC and plumbing experts, with the modernisation of the bathrooms. The focus of clinical treatment in Bad Driburg calls for generous space in the shower area, above all, and barrier-free access points for less mobile patients. The modernisation project also aims to make the 4 to 5m2 bathrooms as easy as possible to clean and maintain, and to focus on achieving long durability.

There are special requirements for the drainage system, not least because of the individual dimensions of the bathrooms. The low installation height of 8cm and different channel lengths posed a challenge to the installers, which they overcame with custom-made products from Richard Brink: the metal products manufacturer produced channels and gratings individually according to the customer’s specifications within an extremely short amount of time. ‘The products, which are specially made for each individual bathroom, can be optimally incorporated in the building work schedule,’ construction foreman Martin Willers from the DRV reports.

Simple and effective

Fifty-nine Elix shower channels and polished gratings from Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG are being used to modernise the bathrooms. The channels are made of stainless steel and have an inlet width of 70mm. With a three-sided upstand and precisely-fitting dimensions, the channels form a perfect connection in the recess along the entire length of the wall.

Thanks to the height-adjustable feet, uneven points in the unfinished floor can be easily compensated for and the channels slot in exactly. The 1mm thick channels are grouted with epoxy resin to ultimately secure them in place. Custom-made 1.5mm thick stainless steel gratings complete the drainage system. They can be opened and closed easily with just a few hand movements for maintenance and cleaning.

An investment in patient well-being

The easy handling of the channels and gratings from Richard Brink will make the deep-cleaning cycle, which runs every three weeks, so much easier,’ Martin Willers asserts. The understated and modern design of the drainage solution is also impressive. It blends in harmoniously with the tiling grid in the bathrooms and underscores the clear design. The custom-made products from Richard Brink help achieve a modern and uniform bathroom renovation. The redesign will meet patient-driven needs and contribute towards a comfortable and barrier-free stay.

The specialised hospital is primarily focused on gastroenterology, psychosomatic medicine and the treatment of metabolic diseases.The client placed special emphasis on a comprehensive bathroom renovation that ensures accessibility.The renovation of several areas of the hospital also covered 96 patient rooms including bathrooms. Employees of PA-BRA GmbH & Co. KG used shower channels and gratings from the company Richard Brink as part of their dewatering solution. The three-sided upstand of the made-to-measure Elix shower channel facilitates a perfect connection in the recess along the entire length of the wall.The consistent drainage of the shower areas can now be guaranteed thanks to custom-made shower channels and gratings