Residents of Duisburg’s Neudorfer Markt can now enjoy a redesigned green space, where a raised bed installed by the company Richard Brink makes for a striking visual feature.

Green symbiosis in the urban quarter

Custom-made raised bed from Richard Brink adds finishing touch to Neudorfer Markt in Duisburg

A meadow of flowers in the middle of the city? A rarity now enjoyed by the residents of Neudorfer Markt in Duisburg. A raised bed created especially for the city lifts the overall look of the area and is a great addition for flora and fauna in the urban quarter. Seating areas have also been integrated into the raised bed, creating a multifunctional feature where passers-by can sit and stay a while.

As the largest green space in an otherwise densely populated residential area, the centrally located park offers residents a welcome change of scenery to the cityscape. Due to the use and popularity of the park, renovation work had become necessary over time to ensure Neudorfer Markt would maintain its appeal for many more years to come. A number of key requirements had to be met as part of the redevelopment: “The main focus was to make the area fully accessible besides making sure it would be easy to look after and maintain. More places were also to be created where residents could sit and relax,” explained Mareike Süselbeck from the City of Duisburg’s environment agency.

Custom-made and multifunctional

As part of the comprehensive redesign, the city decided to incorporate a raised bed structure from the company Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG. Positioned in the centre of the park where paths intersect, a sophisticated, tailor-made raised bed was installed, made from trend material COR-TEN steel. Its convex and concave curves lend the planting system an organic feel. Its vibrant, natural look is also underscored by the varied selection of flowers and plants, which form a colourful flower bed and source of food for countless insects such as bees and butterflies, as well as offering visitors a place to take the weight off their feet.

A successful symbiosis of planting space and street furniture is created thanks to inviting solid timber seating areas incorporated into two ends of the structure. They add to the range of seating options already found in the park and invite visitors to relax and enjoy their surroundings. The creation of a second, exposed tier above ground level really enhances the overall look of the park.

A multifaceted solution

Richard Brink offers its customers numerous options when it comes to planning and designing bespoke, modern and functional raised beds. The metal products manufacturer makes the planting systems from stainless steel, aluminium or COR-TEN steel in thicknesses of 3, 4 and 5 mm; single-piece lengths of up to 3 m are possible. Systems made from stainless steel or aluminium can be coated in all RAL colours to add individual colour accents.

The residents of Duisburg’s urban quarter, with its new green eye-catcher, are now able to benefit from Richard Brink’s flexible production. With this project, the city is setting ecological and design standards for future recreational areas in the urban setting.