Tarpenbeker Ufer in Hamburg’s Groß Borstel district enjoys all the benefits of being close to nature while being well connected to city life.

Evergreen residential quarter

Additional raised beds from Richard Brink for Tarpenbeker Ufer

In Hamburg’s Groß Borstel district, the Tarpenbeker Ufer residential quarter has the advantage of being close to nature while enjoying all the benefits of urban living. Raised beds from the company Richard Brink help keep the quarter green all year long. Following the successful installation of rounded and rectangular beds on construction site 8, the metal products manufacturer has now supplied additional bespoke planting systems for several of the buildings’ entrance areas.

Since 2016, Hamburg property developer OTTO WULFF has been responsible for transforming a redevelopment site approximately twelve hectares in size into a modern residential quarter not far from the Alster tributary Tarpenbek. Residents can enjoy the green surroundings, with plenty of day-trip destinations just a stone’s throw away, as well as good links to the city for running everyday errands. The open spaces are also brilliantly designed: the residential quarter boasts numerous play areas, recreational areas, and green corridors that invite residents to relax and unwind.

Breathing life into the quarter

The landscape design was created by Berlin-based SWUP GmbH, which supported the construction project from work stages 2 to 6. The concept envisaged the installation of numerous raised beds. Depending on the site, the beds were to either blend in with the surrounding architecture or create visual accents through their use of colours, shapes and plants. Bespoke planting systems from Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG made from COR-TEN steel were installed as part of the building measures on construction site 8. The rounded designs stand out in particular thanks to their dynamic and vibrant appearance, creating clear contrasts with the otherwise light-coloured paving and brick veneers on the building façades. Besides bringing vegetation into the quarter, they also function as elegant outdoor furniture with integrating seating areas made from weather-resistant robinia.

Individual raised bed solutions

The on-site developers and the metal products manufacturer continued their strong cooperation on construction sites 4 and 6. Covering areas of 8,850 and 7,760 square metres respectively, these two sites are also characterised by their elevated and well-thought-out design concept. The idea behind the design was to provide the best possible orientation and strengthen the sense of community in the quarter. This was accomplished by creating play and recreational areas as well as pathways that run through the complex, away from any road traffic. These spaces ensure a pleasant environment for big and small and help occupants identify with their place of residence. The bespoke raised beds from Richard Brink play a huge role here. On construction sites 4 and 6, the planners opted for rectangular models made from aluminium in RAL 7039 (quartz grey). “The raised beds from the company Richard Brink were installed in the entrance areas facing the road that runs through the complex. They enable the green space, which sits over an underground level, to be filled with attractive plants year round. The colour of the bed structures was inspired by and harmonises with the building features, handrails, and the door and window frames,” explains Martin Steinbrenner, project manager at SWUP GmbH.

Richard Brink produced and delivered custom-made raised beds measuring two metres long, one metre wide and 415 millimetres high. Eight beds were installed on the one site and twelve on the other. An additional bed measuring 7,850 x 2,970 millimetres with a height of 600 millimetres was produced with one open side and three integrated seats made of wood, similar to the models found on site 8. The high-quality craftsmanship that goes into all components guarantees effortless assembly. “Once again, the company Richard Brink supplied us with not just products, but a fantastic overall package that impresses through its quality, dimensional accuracy and ease of assembly,” summarises Jan Deters from Hamburg-based landscape gardening company Rudolf Schmale Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH, which was contracted to install the raised beds. Martin Steinbrenner rounded off by commending the metal products manufacturer’s excellent collaboration and communication throughout the entire duration of the project and highlighted the versatile ways in which the raised beds can be used due to their wide selection of shapes and colours.

Raised beds from Richard Brink help shape a beautiful, green outdoor space all year round on sites 4 and 6 of the residential quarter.The planners had already installed planting systems from the metal products manufacturer on development site 8. The curved beds made from COR-TEN steel create a fantastic contrast to the otherwise light-coloured building fronts.The custom-made raised beds in quartz grey used in the entrance areas to the residential complex fit in perfectly with the surrounding architecture.The company Richard Brink produced a total of 20 raised beds for construction sites 4 and 6. Thanks to their sturdy construction, they can be relied on to hold the plants and soil for a long time to come.One of the bespoke designs incorporates three seats made from weather-resistant wood and offers residents a place to unwind.