The company Richard Brink has rounded off its product portfolio with drain mats for outdoor areas. The new products guarantee quick and comprehensive drainage on roofs, balconies and terraces.

Comprehensive drainage of outdoor spaces

Richard Brink rounds off its range with drain mats

Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG has developed special drain mats to ensure the reliable drainage of roofs, balconies and terraces. The decoupled passive capillary drain mats ensure the fast and reliable drainage of outdoor areas. While the variant with glass fibre mesh is suitable for permanent installation with drainage and single grain mortar, the mat with special fleece is used for loose lay flooring on unbound gravel and chips. With this new product, the experts in drainage systems are rounding off their range.


Balconies and terraces are constantly exposed to the influences of weather. This permanent exposure often reveals weaknesses in the flooring: when moisture seeps into the substructure, damage such as efflorescence, moisture spots or cracks can occur.

Maximum drainage speeds

In order to ensure reliable water drainage, Richard Brink has developed two drain mats for the fast, comprehensive dewatering of outdoor areas. They are available in installation heights of 8 or 16mm. The DM G8 and DM G16 models have a non-slip glass fibre mesh on top and are ideal for cement and EP-based drain mortar. The DM V8 and DM V16 variants with special fleece are used under unbound, washed gravel or chip layers. They are also non-slip. Loose slabs, natural stone and concrete stone flooring can be laid on the fleece.

The passive capillary systems facilitate an effective flow of water. With a gradient of 2%, the maximum drainage speed of the 8mm drain mats in all directions is around 0.4l/m s. The mats also have an impressively high compressive strength of up to 35t/m2. The optimal load distribution ensures reliable protection of the sealing level.

Installation in any direction

When installed on a sealed substrate, a gradient of at least 1% must be observed in order to prevent standing water. The mats can be laid in any direction with the fleece or fibre mesh facing up. An expansion gap of at least 8mm to all adjacent and ascending components must be observed in the process, as well as an absence of stress. If the substrate is uneven, the glass fibre mesh or fleece can be loosened and the dimpled layer adapted. The mats are laid flush against the structure. The ‘dimple in dimple’ system and the one-sided mat overlap guarantees smooth transitions. The rest of the flooring is installed once the mat is applied.

The area drain mats can be combined with drainage channels, designer gratings and gravel stops from Richard Brink, creating an effective and visually striking drainage system for outdoor areas.