The company Richard Brink offers custom-made chimney caps that are easy to install and effectively protect the chimney against wind and weather while visually enhancing the chimney.

Certified resilience

Chimney caps from Richard Brink get CE marking

Whether in stainless steel or even copper upon request, custom-made chimney caps from Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG offer permanent protection for chimneys. The result of extensive testing now confirms their resilience against wind and weather as well as thermal loads. According to the DIN EN 16475-7 standard, the caps from the metal products manufacturer can be used with exhaust gas systems using fossil fuels without having to worry about soot fires.

Long-term exposure to precipitation can lead to sooting in a chimney. If the outer casing of the chimney is penetrated by water, tar and acids, repairs become necessary. This is why chimney caps are a good idea, especially in regions that experience heavy precipitation and rough weather. Richard Brink offers effective protection with its easy-to-handle, custom-made chimney caps.

Impressive system

The chimney head can be covered with a type ‘RB-SA 1’ cap including shuttering frame – without damaging the chimney. There is also the option to combine the system with cladding suspensions, providing quick and stable cladding for the chimney: cap and cladding as if from one mould. This does away with the need to case and strip the concrete coping slab or follow a complicated installation procedure as with a conventional cap design.

Another version with a substructure, the ‘RB-SA 2’, can be bolted onto existing chimney heads with concrete slabs, and is also suitable for system chimneys. Installed quickly and easily, both caps provide permanent protection from the elements and improve the look of the roof.

Worry-free use

Extensive testing now confirms the impressive resilience of Richard Brink’s chimney caps. They meet all requirements set out in the DIN EN 16475-7 standard for worry-free use with exhaust gas systems that utilise fossil fuels. An independent test laboratory has tested and certified the components from the metal products manufacturer in terms of thermal load, soot fire resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure stability, wind load, ingress of rainwater, flow resistance, freeze and thaw cycles and ice formation criteria. So there’s no need to worry that the chimney caps might block the escaping exhaust gases or increase the risk of soot fire. With the CE marking, Richard Brink verifies the high quality and safety standards of its products.