Shower-channel wedge profiles


High-quality stainless-steel profiles for gradient compensation with optional glass groove

  • Versatile variants for floor-level shower areas 
  • Stainless-steel wedge profiles for gradient compensation 
  • Sloping edge and perforated supporting bases for tiling 
  • Variants with integrated glass groove available for thicknesses up to 12mm 
  • Profile sets for anchoring glass panels in the wall and floor area 
  • Matching end profiles for a uniform, all-round stainless-steel look 

Walk-in shower areas that guide the water towards the shower channel over a sloping screed as opposed to having a shower tray combine a minimalistic aesthetic with maximum comfort. Nowadays accessible, walk-in showers are a firm feature of modern bathroom design. Our new stainless-steel shower-channel wedge profiles are available now and afford a whole host of new visual accents and other functional benefits.  

Our range of bathroom systems encompasses multiple variants of our stainless-steel profiles for floor-level shower areas. The basic choice is between versions for gradient compensation or the same with an additional groove for glass panels. On top of that we also offer wall-side end profiles in the floor zone as well as supplementary products for mounting a glass panel by the wall. 

Profiles for gradient compensation 

Our stainless-steel gradient wedges create an attractive and also reinforced transition between the built-up sloping screed and the surrounding horizontal tiled surface. The wedge profiles with a gradient of 2% are available in lengths of 980mm, 1,480mm and 1,980mm. As well as the sloping edge on the sides, the profiles also have perforated supporting bases for tiling.  

Profiles with glass groove 

If the plan is to install glass panels in the shower area as well as compensating for the gradient, this can be done using our profiles with integrated glass groove. These variants, also made from stainless steel, are available in lengths of 980mm or 1,480mm with a gradient of 2%. The profiles are designed to hold glass panels with a maximum thickness of 12mm securely in place. If glass elements need to be fitted around corners by the wall, our range also includes special versions that come as a full set along with the accompanying floor profiles, enabling the glass panels to be securely anchored both horizontally and vertically. 

End profiles for a uniform look 

We also manufacture matching end profiles for the front side of the wall areas to complement our gradient wedge profiles. These create a uniform, all-round stainless-steel look thanks to the direct connection of the end profiles with the gradient wedges. We manufacture these product solutions in a length of 1,480mm and for tile thicknesses of 10mm or 20mm. Here, too, we supply a complete set consisting of gradient wedges and end profiles.  


Shower-channel wedge profiles for gradient compensation
(always left and right) 


Material Material thickness Gradient Delivery length:  
stainless steel (V2A) (polished, K-240)  1,0 mm 2 % 980 mm
1.480 mm
1.980 mm

Gradation on front side 1
40 x 28 x 8 mm
40 x 38 x 8 mm
40 x 48 x 8 mm







Gradation on front side 2:
40 x 8 x 8 mm




Incl. perforated row in supporting base



Shower-channel wedge profiles with glass groove
(always left and right) 


Material Material thickness Gradient Delivery length: Width
stainless steel (V2A) (polished, K-240)



1,0 mm 2 % 1.480 mm
980 mm
13 mm

Maximum glass thickness:
12 mm





Gradation on front side 1:
50 x 20 x 25 mm




Gradation on front side 2:
50 x 20 x 45 mm
50 x 20 x 55 mm




Gradient wedge is constructed in two parts 



Shower-channel wedge profiles for mounting glass panels by the wall

Material Material thickness Maximum glass thickness Delivery length: Width
stainless steel (V2A) (polished, K-240)


1,0 mm 12 mm 1.980 mm 13 mm
Gradation on front side:
50 x 20 x 20 mm



Profile is constructed in two parts 


End profiles 

Material Material thickness Height Delivery length:  
stainless steel (V2A) (polished, K-240)


1,0 mm 35 mm
45 mm
1.480 mm  
Gradation on front side:
40 x 10 x 35/45 mm
40 x 20 x 35/45 mm




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