Fortis with slotted channel attachments

The subtle alternative to gratings

  • the slotted channel attachment is a perfect fit to top the heavy-duty dewatering channel made from concrete
  • subtle dewatering solution for heavy-duty use
  • either for car or truck loads

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Made-to-measure production from Germany

If you are looking to combine our Fortis heavy-duty dewatering channel with a minimalist finish, our highly resilient slotted attachments made from stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel can be used to cover the channel rather than a grating. Eight embossed reinforcement sections ensure the channel remains resistant to shear forces for a long time to come. We produce the attachments either in a sheet thickness of 1.5mm that meets the requirements of load class C 250 or made from 3mm-thick material to satisfy class D 400. Together with the Fortis concrete channels, this makes for a powerful yet subtle dewatering solution for heavy-duty use.


Concrete channel

Widths (nominal size): Lengths: Heights:

155 mm (DN 100)
206 mm (DN 150)*

*DN 150 only available in height 200 mm

Load class:


500 mm
 1.000 mm
80 mm
150 mm
175 mm
200 mm*
Material   Accessories

Fibre-modified concrete

Frames depending on the grate layer optionally made of:
hot-dip galvanised steel
stainless steel
cast iron

  End pieces
Sink boxes incl. dirt trap made of V2A
Gutters with integrated connection pieces

Heavy-duty slot attachments
for heavy duty drainage systems
Slot width 10 mm

Widths (nominal size): Lengths: Neck height / total height:

145 mm(DN100)
195 mm (DN 150)

In accordance with the
load classes:


500 mm
1.000 mm
160 mm / 182 mm (C 250)
160 mm / 185 mm ( D 400)
Material Accessories  
Stainless steel (V2A)
End pieces
Inspection boxes
Flushing cisterns

Technical data sheet