Heavy-duty channel Gemini Magna produced by Richard Brink is distinguished by its linear design. The elegant double-slit gratings wonderfully accentuate driveable areas.

Striking lines

Heavy-duty channel Gemini Magna dewaters driveable surfaces

Stainless steel channels beautifully accentuate areas such as courtyards, driveways and car parks that are driven over by vehicles: the heavy-duty channel Gemini Magna produced by the company Richard Brink ensures reliable drainage and a striking appearance with its double slit. It picks up on the elegant design of the Gemini gratings and was honoured with the Red Dot Design Award in 2015 with the additional designation ‘Best of the Best’.

An enormous amount of force acts on the dewatering system from moving and stationary traffic. And it has to be able to withstand this force for a long time to come. With its heavy-duty channel Gemini Magna made from 3.0mm stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel, Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG has developed a solution that is both resilient and elegant. It can be laid with materials such as paving stones, leaving only the two slits visible while the underlying dewatering system remains hidden.

Space for a stone finish

The Gemini Magna is comprised of a stone inlay and the channel body. The body frames the inlay on both sides and, together with the walls, creates the system’s double slit. The stone inlay is fixed to the channel using screw connections. The system is designed to take a 80mm thick cover as standard. Depending on overall width, the channel offers space for inserts that are 113mm or 163mm wide. The Gemini Magna comes in a standard length of 1,000mm and can be extended to preference using connecting flanges. The company Richard Brink also manufactures the new product in custom measurements to the client's specification. Concrete anchors that are fitted to the channel enable it to sit securely in its foundations.