The new wall connection profiles from Richard Brink protect façades from the elements.

Raising the profile

New façade plates for a secure wall connection

New wall connection profiles from Richard Brink can withstand weather influences and create a striking look at the same time. With a view to ‘give sealing levels a profile’, the metal products manufacturer is adding a new product to its range of edge profiles alongside the wall and parapet coverings already included in the portfolio. Combining the façade profiles with drain mats ensures that precipitation is directed away from external walls.

A permanently sealed connection between the floor and the wall is required in order to protect façades from moisture getting in. The rules for seals set out in the German Flat Roof Guideline (2008) define the specifications here: on roof terraces and balconies, sealing levels must be connected to adjacent walls 150mm above the flooring, gravel fill or landscaping. The guideline is easy to follow with the profiles from Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG. The wall connection profiles serve as a skirting board above the flooring.

Harmonising elements

The aluminium profiles are produced in a standard length of 3,000mm. They are also available in stainless steel according to the client’s specification. The manufacturer implements custom-made versions as required which precisely hug the lines of the façade: for example, the dimensions or the overall height can be changed specific to the project in question. Reveal plates, end pieces, connectors and external and internal corners ensure that the profiles properly trace the course of the wall, lending an expert finish to window and door reveals, for example.

In addition to their protective function, the wall connection profiles also meet aesthetic demands. The surface can be powder-coated in any RAL colour, visually harmonising the products with other façade elements.

Protection for the wall and floor

While walls are protected by the profiles from the effects of rainwater, drain mats direct precipitation away from the protruding surfaces. The decoupled passive capillary drain mats from Richard Brink ensure fast and reliable drainage of outdoor areas, preventing damage such as efflorescence, moisture spots or cracks due to penetrating seepage. The mats have a non-slip glass fibre mesh, making them suitable for cement or EP-based drainage mortars. The variants with special fleece are used under unbound, washed gravel or chip layers. The combination of wall connection profiles and drain mats provides comprehensive moisture protection for outdoor areas like terraces and balconies.