The first step is to fix the adapter, which is specifically manufactured to fit the channel, to the channel body using the screws supplied. Two adapter variants are available to fit mats with a thickness of 8mm or 16mm.  Photo: Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG

Perfect enhancements, smart solutions

Richard Brink presents innovations for even more efficient drainage and dewatering

Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, 06/11/2023. Richard Brink’s mission is to provide more efficient drainage or dewatering options along with optimised handling for fitters, which drives the constant evolution and expansion of the company’s product range. Now the metal products manufacturer has introduced three innovations at once – some as enhancements to existing products, some as stand-alone problem solvers.

The first of these innovations is the perfect addition to the Richard Brink Hydra drainage channel and ensures precision in the laying of drain mats. A drain mat adapter made of hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel developed especially for the channels is screwed to the outside of the channel body and acts as the attachment element along the long side. Drain mats of thicknesses from 8mm to 16mm are then simply inserted into the adapter and fixed seamlessly to the channel via a small barb.

This enables the mat to be then laid more easily and quickly as it is held in place by the adapter. The accessory not only prevents the mat from slipping, but also the ingress of gravel or dirt, guaranteeing optimum drainage. This is also assisted by the adapter’s funnel shape, which accurately directs any precipitation to the drain mat via the slits that line up with the Hydra.

Flexible pipe connection for reveal zones

The reveal drain, developed by the metal goods manufacturer as an accessory for dewatering channels, can be used wherever the channel in the reveal zone cannot be connected directly via a nozzle beneath the channel. This is mainly the case in window and door zones due to the reveal depth. As an enhancement to drainage systems, the carefully designed reveal drain creates a pipe connection that is shaped to bridge the reveal area and can also be accessed for inspection purposes.

The equipment supplied includes the drain with the top and bottom part, a pipe nozzle including inspection cover as well as the necessary fittings. Alongside the standard dimensions with a length of 350mm, a width of 170mm and a height of 20mm, Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG also offers custom variants in accordance with customer specifications.

Clean look along the façade

The final addition to the product range is an innovative cover track for dimpled sheets. When combined with dimpled sheets, the track creates a clean and straight exposed edge on rising surfaces in next to no time. The product is available in two different variants and dimensions to fit commercially available dimpled sheets. Custom measurements are also available on request. During assembly, the track is simply placed over the dimpled sheet and pressed against the façade in the subsequent paving step to ensure adequate fixing. This also means that no tools are required for assembly. Additionally, the track provides protection from radiation for the part of the dimpled sheet that would otherwise be exposed.

The upper flange has perforations at intervals of 20mm. These guarantee that any precipitation from the façade is redirected towards the dimpled sheet. All versions of the 1mm-thick cover tracks are delivered in lengths of 3,000mm.

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