With the 80mm-deep and 155mm-wide concrete channels from the Fortis series, the company Richard Brink is expanding its portfolio to include models that can be used in projects with limited excavation depths.

New additions to the Fortis range

80mm-deep concrete channels with steel frames for cast gratings

New Fortis concrete channels with steel frames for cast gratings are now available from Richard Brink, expanding the manufacturer’s product portfolio. The 80mm-deep and 155mm-wide (DN 100) models were designed for use in all projects with limited excavation depths: in front of façades or in areas where the substructure sits closer to the surface, for example. The channels are consistent with load class C 250 and can therefore withstand loads of up to 25 tons.

With their dimensions, the new concrete dewatering channels are the shallowest models the metal products manufacturer has brought out to date. The channels are available with steel frames for cast gratings to begin with. Just like the other models from the broad range of concrete channels, they also feature a tongue and groove system that creates a watertight connection thanks to the use of rubber seals.

Drain nozzles on channels and drainage units

A drainage unit that attaches to the channel at a depth of 80mm completes the system. It features a stainless-steel dirt trap and a DN 100 drain nozzle positioned to the side. The unit has an overall height of 430mm and a connection height of 310mm.

If no drainage unit is necessary, the manufacturer also provides a range of concrete channels fitted with vertical drain nozzles. These are available for channels lengths of 500mm and 1,000mm. While the nozzle is always positioned centrally in the half-metre model, customers opting for the metre version can choose between having the nozzle at the tongue or groove end.

New Prisma cast grating

Not only has the range of concrete channels been expanded, but also the selection of compatible cast gratings. This means the Prisma grating, which was previously designed for load class D 400, now also withstands loads that fall under B 125. Thanks to its lighter construction, it uses fewer materials and is produced at a lower cost. The grating has a uniform design, regardless of load class, creating a consistent aesthetic for all concrete channel covers This prevents any visual differences between the dewatering systems used in pedestrianised areas and those installed in driveable surfaces. All gratings are finished with a high-quality CDP coating in the colour anthracite and incorporate a hidden locking technology that enables the gratings to be easily clipped open.