The new Modular raised beds from the company Richard Brink continue the eponymous plant box design into the raised bed segment.

Modular system for a splash of green

Richard Brink presents modular raised beds and online configurator

Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, 05/06/2023. Until now, the raised beds produced by the company Richard Brink stood out, among other things, for their custom manufacture in line with individual specifications. With the new Modular model, the metal products manufacturer now offers a more affordable entry-level version featuring a high level of production quality that can be conveniently configured and ordered online.

The latest raised beds from Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG are an extension of the established Modular plant box series, which facilitates the creation of high-quality planting systems by arranging standardised components in a modular way. The new range follows this same approach and takes the Modular line into the raised bed segment.

Variable assembly, top quality

The system is comprised of rectangular and corner elements and can be easily and illustratively designed and ordered using a specially developed configurator available on the manufacturer’s website. Here customers can choose from wall elements in lengths of 162.5mm, 325mm or 650mm and a height of either 380mm or 600mm. Together with matching corners featuring side lengths of 325mm x 325mm, there are plenty of options for putting together raised beds in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

The advantage of this new product lies primarily in its appealing combination of quality and purchase costs. It allows a more affordable introduction to the metal products manufacturer’s raised bed segment than the otherwise custom-made versions. And customers don’t have to compromise on the high quality of the planting systems: Richard Brink produces the components in either coated aluminium in all RAL colours or corten steel, each with a material thickness of 2mm. Due to the relatively small footprint of the wall elements that make up the bed, additional tie rods are always supplied with the Modular raised bed models. These give the products the stability they need to function reliably for years to come as a timelessly beautiful way of adding greenery to outdoor areas or even as a raised fruit or herb bed.

Whether large or small, as a square, rectangle or a whole host of other shapes, with a subtle look or as a colourful highlight: customers can put together a ready-to-order Modular variant in just a few clicks that fully reflects their personal preferences.

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