In the first step, parameters such as material, thickness, heights, widths, projections, slope angles, fixtures and mount spacing can be determined based on different types of profiles.

Edge profiles in just a couple of clicks

Richard Brink introduces online configurator for custom parapet coverings

Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, 20.10.2022. Planning individual edge profiles to cover parapet walls just got easier for Richard Brink customers thanks to the online configurator, developed in-house. From designing the profiles to calculating the necessary measurements, right over to placing the order, the tool takes users through the entire process.

No two roof edges are the same, yet they all deserve a custom solution that reliably protects the transition from roof to wall. The edge profiles offered by Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG are custom-made and not only satisfy customer requirements with their precise fit, but also appeal with their straightforward assembly and disassembly. This is made possible thanks to the use of rubber lip holders, developed in-house, which serve to both hold and connect the profile sections. Made-to-measure corners, a range of materials and thicknesses, and powder coatings in all RAL, NCS and DB colours round off the many options offered by the metal products manufacturer.

Orders placed in just three steps

The company Richard Brink has managed to incorporate the many options it provides for designing and planning parapet coverings in an intuitive, user-friendly online configurator. The tool allows customers to create edge profiles according to their specific dimensions and watch them take shape in a live view.

It starts by configuring the required profile. A range of different profile types is available to choose from here. Based on the selected profile type, parameters such as material, thickness, heights, widths, projections, slope angles, fixtures and mount spacing can be adjusted to the customer's specific needs. All the input data is transferred directly into a drawing displayed alongside the configuration options, which shows the measurements and respective costs. The required measurements are then determined in the second step. Here, too, customers have various configuration options to choose from. Several profile sections can be combined in each set of measurements, resulting in an overview that contains all project measurements and costs.

Once all sets of measurements are complete, the configurator provides a detailed summary of section lengths for all of the edge profiles configured. After confirming the selection, the custom products are placed directly into the shopping basket and can be ordered via the shop system provided by the metal products manufacturer.

The edge profile configurator is available around the clock at


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The company Richard Brink introduced its new online configurator for edge profiles for the very first time at the 2022 DACH+HOLZ International in Cologne.The required measurements are then calculated, with a number of additional options available. Several sections can be combined in each set of measurements.Once the measurements are complete, a detailed list of configurations is generated for the customer, who can order their profiles directly via the online shop.