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Edge profiles, window ledges, wall connection profiles, chimney caps, chimney stack cladding, cladding suspensions, solar substructures, leaf guards, weathervanes

Edge profiles, including parapet coverings and wall copings

Edge profiles are used primarily as parapet coverings on flat roofs, permanently protecting the brickwork below from rain damage. Our custom-made edge profiles thus form a protective connection between the flat roof and the wall. We produce edge profiles with projections up to a length of 3,000mm in line with your specifications and with appropriate, precisely-fitting corners. Materials range from aluminium to zinc, copper and stainless steel. The rubber lip holders make sure the edge profiles can be easily clipped on, making for quick assembly and dismantling. The holders are profiled below the joints to ensure penetrating water is directed away. The edge profiles can be powder-coated as preferred in all RAL, NCS or DB shades.


Watch our edge profiles being installed >

Window ledges

We also produce custom window ledges, with or without welded end pieces or matching outer and inner corners. The window ledges can be coated in any RAL, DB or NCS colour on request.

Wall connection profiles

Wall connection profiles are used to cover roof seals on rising building elements, e.g. flat roof seal membranes, and to protect against accumulating moisture. The roof seal should be held in place by the wall connection profile, preventing it from slipping down. Our wall connection profiles are made from 1.5mm-thick aluminium in a standard length of 3,000mm. Custom measurements are possible, also at short notice. Corners, reveal plates, connectors and end pieces that fit the wall connection profiles are also available.

Chimney cap, also chimney cowl, chimney stack cladding, cladding suspensions

Chimney caps protect the chimney and fireplace from penetrating rainwater. Water penetration can cause a build-up of soot in the chimney, especially in regions more prone to heavy rainfall and storms. Our custom-made chimney caps provide easy-to-use, effective protection here. They can be installed in two different ways: using either shuttering frames or Vario mounting brackets. The chimney cowls can be fitted with hinges on request. Furthermore, our chimney caps have been certified by an independent test laboratory in line with a range of criteria such as thermal load, soot fire resistance, wind load, and ingress of rainwater, and they meet all the requirements set out in the DIN EN 16475-7 standard.

We also supply custom-manufactured full chimney head cladding, adapted to the number and shape of flues, as well as a shuttering frame for easy concreting of the chimney head.

Our product range includes cladding suspensions to help clad the chimney's side flanks. Used together with our chimney caps, the suspensions enable perfect, easy-to-install all-round chimney cladding.

Video of a chimney cap with shuttering frame >
Video of a chimney cap with Vario mounting brackets >

South and east-west facing solar substructures

Solar substructures support the solar modules in photovoltaic systems and make sure they are positioned at the correct angle to the sun. Our Miralux solar substructures reduce the distributed load by as much as 75% compared with conventional solar substructures and can be assembled quickly without the need for tools and without penetrating the roof cladding. The photovoltaic system can be easily expanded at any time thanks to the modular arrangement of the solar substructures. Its aerodynamic, slim design allows an excellent flow behaviour, even when exposed to high wind speeds. The system can be supplied for south-facing and east-west facing modules. The Miralux solar substructures can be combined with the majority of framed solar modules available on the market without the need for additional mounting materials on site.

Installation video of the Miralux solar substructure >

Leaf guards

Our leaf guards are made of stainless steel and are therefore not susceptible to weather influences such as UV radiation and precipitation. They are available in two diameters – 250mm and 306mm – and are suitable for ≥ 20mm coarse gravel fills.


The classic roof topper: we offer a range of weathervanes, from individual designs to ready-made motifs.