Green roof drainage

Adding functionality and performance to green roofs

A key advantage of both extensive and intensive green roofs is their ability to store rainwater. But depending on the structure of the substrate, even these capacities will reach their limit sooner or later. Especially in wetter periods or in the case of heavy rainfall, these green spaces require extra support to collect and subsequently channel away accumulating rainwater. 

This is where our expertise and corresponding solutions come in. We offer a range of high-performance components for green roof dewatering. Our integrated system for green roofs, for instance, already comprises essential elements such as drainage and water storage mats. Moreover, gravel stops, which similarly form part of this system, not only frame green spaces and separate them from fills, they also ensure that excess water is channelled away in a controlled manner. Beyond the integrated green roof system, our range of products encompasses both dewatering and drainage channels as well as branch channels, inspection shafts and gullies, all of which reliably dewater roof surfaces and protect their structural fabric.

Trust in more than 45 years of experience

Made-to-measure production from Germany

Extensive green roof solution
– integrated systems for every requirement

  • available in the Easy, Terra and Bio models
  • depending on the model, systems consist of sedum mats, substrates or a water storage mat, separation and protection fleeces, drainage mats and root barrier foils
  • tailored to the scope of the respective project
  • water storage capacities of between 24.3 and 69.6 litres per square metre as standard


Silex gravel stops
– height-adjustable or fixed

  • available in fixed or height-adjustable versions
  • Silex available in four different adjustment ranges
  • Silex Fix: variant with click connectors
  • custom measurements possible


Subterra branch channel
– revisable flat roof drainage

  • revisable branch channel
  • clever clip system for simple connection and extension
  • adjustable construction through use of T-pieces, corners, inspection shafts and stacking elements
  • branch channel adapters that connect to the drainage channel with the aid of cut-out sections
  • offcuts can still be used


Hydra drainage gully
– the solution for gravel fills

  • height-adjustable drainage gully
  • can be raised in combination with a base unit 
  • reliable point drainage for slab flooring loosely laid in gravel fills or chippings
  • fits well with the Subterra branch channel system or drain mats
  • custom inlet widths and installation heights possible