Car park/evaporation channels

Keep parking areas permanently dry

On rainy or snowy days in particular, car parks and underpasses tend to be exposed to an increased amount of moisture due to their high usage frequency. Precipitation and meltwater find their way down ramps and into the mostly roofed areas or are brought in by vehicles and passengers. Depending on the duration and intensity of the weather conditions, water can pool even in the backmost areas of car parks or underground garages. This has to be collected in a targeted way in order to either direct it away in a controlled manner or allow it to evaporate. Doing this not only protects the building’s structural fabric, but also puts passengers at ease as they no longer have to worry about getting their feet wet or an increased risk of slipping.
You can find an overview of the products we manufacture for the described area of application in this section. 

Trust in more than 45 years of experience

Made-to-measure production from Germany

Parco parking deck channel
– high-quality evaporation channel

  • specially designed for use on parking decks, in parking blocks, underground garages or pedestrian subways
  • reliable collection of precipitation and water brought in from outside
  • height-adjustable base feet
  • can also be used as a dewatering channel thanks to additional nozzle