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Raised beds, plant boxes with planting troughs/panels, Modular / Modular Line plant boxes, living walls, edging solutions, gravel stops, substrate rails

Raised beds

Raised beds are planting systems that elevate a standard, ground-level flowerbed, allowing people to tend to flowers and plants without straining their backs. The raised-bed containers are open at the bottom, enabling the plants to take root also in the soil underneath the bed. Thanks to the modular structure of our raised beds, the system can be expanded as and when needed using plug-in connections. The raised beds are extremely stable thanks to the angled shape of the individual elements and the optional tie rods. We supply our raised beds in stainless steel, aluminium (also powder-coated) and COR-TEN steel. Outer and inner corners are also available, while side lengths can be adjusted to preference and organic shapes can be created.

Plant boxes with planting troughs / panels

Plant boxes are a fantastic way of showcasing plants. We offer our classic plant boxes in two versions: with plant trough inserts and with inner panels. The plant boxes with trough inserts come with two key advantages: firstly, they hold only a limited amount of soil, and secondly the trough can be removed using retractable handles. This makes it easier to look after the plants and move them during the winter. By contrast, the plant boxes with inner panels are more suited to plants with pronounced root balls. Both versions protect roots from frost and dehydration thanks to their double-walled structure. The plant boxes are made from stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel, and can be powder coated in any RAL colour on request.

Modular/ Modular Line plant boxes

The modular structure of our Modular and Modular Line plant boxes, which are available in two installation heights and five different side lengths, allows customers to create plant boxes that meet their individual needs. The Modular plant box is made from rustic COR-TEN steel, while the Modular Line model comes in elegant white aluminium or grey aluminium with contrasting pilaster strips. Regardless of model, the inside of the walls can be lined with 20mm-thick Styrodur, protecting plant roots from frost and dehydration.

Eva living wall

The Eva living wall is a free-standing, vertical planting system which can be used, for example, as an attractive privacy screen or to create a vertical garden in a small space. The living wall is supplied in two heights: 1,950mm and 1,170mm. The taller version provides space for 100 plants on either side of the wall, while the shorter version accommodates 60 plants per side. The living wall is made from highly corrosion-resistant Magnelis steel that is powder-coated in either white aluminium or grey aluminium.

Edging solutions

Edging solutions are used to separate flower beds from lawn areas or to create divides between different fills such as ornamental gravel. They can also be used to form borders along paved surfaces. The angled supporting base prevents the edging solutions from sinking into the ground under pressure. The edging solutions are fixed in place with suitable earth pins. We provide our edging solutions as flexible or rigid models in a length of 3,000mm. They are available in stainless steel, aluminium and COR-TEN steel. Combination and fixed connectors can be provided that fit the flower bed edging solutions and offer a simple way of connecting individual edging elements. Ready-made corner elements are also available.

Gravel stops

Gravel stops are used as edging solutions on terraces, roof terraces, balconies and green roofs. They make sure gravel fills and substrates are held together and don’t land in channels or gullies. Our Silex gravel stops are supplied as fixed and height-adjustable versions. Available in stainless steel or aluminium and powder coated on request, the gravel stops are assembled and installed in no time thanks to the use of click connectors. They come in a standard length of 3,000mm and can be height-adjusted whenever needed.

Substrate rails

We supply substrate rails made from 1mm-thick aluminium in a standard length of 3,000mm to separate two different fill areas. Similar to gravel stops, they can be joined using click connectors. We also offer our flower bed edging solutions as substrate rails. Unlike our standard edging solutions, they come perforated and are also available as a flexible version.