Fountain channels

Customized products for every project

Whether traditional fountains, water features or substantial dry deck fountains, the construction of fountain systems has to take not only design, but also function elements into account. On the one hand, for instance, it must be ensured that any excess water resulting from rainfall or overflow is collected and directed away. On the other hand, the planned water circulation can only be achieved if water is collected and fed back into the system with as little loss as possible. Regardless of the demands that are to be met by your fountain project – you can count on us for a fitting dewatering solution, made to measure. Our range of products includes dewatering channels with a large selection of compatible gratings, besides both slotted and double-slit channels that can be filled with the surrounding flooring. Does your project involve a partly ground-level structure that is intended to be driven over, for example on a market square? If so, we also offer models for heavy-duty use. 

Trust in more than 45 years of experience

Made-to-measure production from Germany

"Stabile" with grating supports facing outwards
– for drainage or dewatering

  • used as a drainage or dewatering channel
  • ideal for use on terraces and balconies or as a façade channel
  • grating supports turned outwards create an open space for the concave profile of the wall connection
  • individual inlet widths and installation heights possible on request
  • large selection of compatible gratings

"Cubo" with inlying grating support
– for drainage or dewatering

  • used as a drainage or dewatering channel
  • grating supports face inwards
  • open space below the grating support facilitates intake of increased volumes of rainfall
  • extensive range of gratings to cover the channel
  • custom dimensions possible on request
  • linear design ensures the channel sits flush to the paved material 


Lamina Fix slotted channel
– with a fixed installation height

  • minimalistic and efficient
  • highly stable when met with shear forces thanks to eight embossed reinforcement sections per metre
  • can also be connected to a nozzle
  • coordinated flush and inspection boxes available, also for corners