From 16 - 21 January, Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG can be found in hall B.2, booth 109, of the BAU 2017 in Munich, where it will present its Fortis concrete channel as a dewatering solution for heavy-duty use.

High-class concrete

Richard Brink presents Fortis heavy-duty channel at the BAU 2017

Concrete doesn’t have to be drab and dreary. Combined with the right materials, it can also add beautiful accents to building projects, as demonstrated by Richard Brink GmbH & Co. KG at the BAU exhibition in Munich from 16 - 21 January 2017. Visitors to booth 109 in hall B.2 were able to familiarise themselves with the new heavy-duty dewatering channel Fortis, which is made from concrete and enhanced with high-quality cover gratings, e.g. from stainless steel. The channel is designed to be used on drivable surfaces.

Concrete channel Fortis can be combined with all covers offered by Richard Brink in its heavy-duty assortment. These include mesh and longitudinal bar gratings made of stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel. The company can also manufacture designer gratings in heavy-duty variants upon request. The Hydra Linearis gratings, for instance, make for fantastic eye-catchers thanks to their elegant appearance. The 7x7mm longitudinal bar gratings made of stainless steel have even been honoured with the Red Dot Design Award. They are used without an edging frame and create a clean-cut aesthetic thanks to their linear design. Designer gratings Legato, Staccato and Ritmo also have a strong artistic appeal. Whether with a wavy appearance, discontinuous bar structure or rhythmically designed surface – all kinds of creations are possible with these covers. Moreover, heavy-duty slotted channel tops lend the linear drainage solutions a particularly muted look. Made to measure, the gratings fit the envisaged area perfectly.

Smooth flow

Precipitation reliably flows through the gratings and into the concrete channel. The water is then channelled away via concrete inlets featuring run-off pipes or directly through shaft or channel connections. The Fortis channel body consist of fibreglass-modified, high-strength, chemically resistant and waterproof concrete. The leak-proof surface structure enables rain water to run straight off. The moulded frame is available either in stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel.

Lightweight for easy installation

The Fortis is characterised by its low weight. With a nominal width of DN 100 and a height of 150mm, it weighs just 20kg. Transportation, installation and storage are therefore much easier compared with heavier concrete channels. Despite its lightweight construction, the channel can withstand a weight load class of up to E 600. It is therefore suitable for dewatering in private courtyards and parking areas, as well as for road construction, underground engineering and even industrial areas, where the dewatering system has to withstand particularly high wheel loads. The channel’s appropriately dimensioned concrete framing comprising base and edge restraints ensures load transfer.

Discover our metal products

Alongside the new Fortis concrete channel, Richard Brink will also be showcasing its established metal products at its 117m2 booth: visitors have the opportunity, for instance, to discover dewatering and drainage solutions, roof and wall covers, and even planting systems first-hand.
Halle B.2, booth 109


he concrete channel can be fitted with aesthetically pleasing gratings. In the heavy-duty variant, they can also withstand wheel loads on driveable surfaces.Rainwater flows into the channel bodies, for example through mesh and longitudinal bar gratings made of stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel. Slotted channel tops in heavy-duty variants can also be combined with the Fortis concrete channel. The system fits seamlessly into the flooring. Designer gratings give driveable areas their own, individual look. The company Richard Brink produces the gratings for heavy-duty use upon request. Already in the entrance area the products of the company Richard Brink are advertised.