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Polymer concrete channel “Mono-Fortis”

Drainage from a single mold

  • seamless polymer model for heavy-duty use
  • monolithic structure combines channel body and grating in one
  • low weight compared with similarly sturdy materials
  • tongue and groove system at the channel joints with integrated rubber seal
  • compatible flush boxes and drainage units available in polymer concrete

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We prove that less is sometimes more with this solution for heavy-duty applications: Not only is our “Mono-Fortis” dewatering channel made from polymer concrete, making it much lighter than similarly sturdy materials; the entire channel is made from just one single piece. It gets its name from its monolithic structure, which comprises the channel body and the corresponding grating in one. Thanks to its construction, the “Mono-Fortis” is best suited to linear drainage under heavy-duty conditions up to load class E 600, for example in car parks, industrial estates, haulage yards or along the peripheries of motorways. We supply the channels in one-metre lengths, with an inlet width of 206mm (DN 150) and a height of 250mm.

A nut-and-groove system at the channel joints with integrated rubber seals ensures a water-tight transition between the individual channel segments. Moreover, the “Mono-Fortis” segments can be combined with products outside the “Mono-Fortis” range. Half-metre lengths of the “Poly-Fortis” channel topped with the “Zippa” cast grating can be used as a flush box. Drainage units made from polymer concrete that can be connected to the sewer system round off the broad range of products and ensure plenty of options for the construction of resilient linear drainage.


Concrete channel

Widths (nominal size): Lengths: Heights:

206 mm (DN150)

Load class:
E 600

1.000 mm 250 mm
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Polymer concrete

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